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jnewman110@tampabay.rr.com | 1/18/2023 4:12 PM
Your comments...Any suggestions on a slug for this that don't lead up the barrel so bad
nielsenspecialtyammo | 1/18/2023 4:45 PM
For Texan SS/carbine we recommend 240 grain 457 sized.  This is what I shoot in mine with great accuracy.  You can also try adding a bit more fresh lube on your slugs if you are seeing more than expected leading.

xtremeairgunner@gmail.com | 1/18/2023 5:23 PM
I really like the 240 grain slugs. I get the most consistent performance with them. I have shot several NSA sizes and they all perform great, but the 240's are the most consistent in the Texan .457 SS.
Scott_lorne@msn.com | 7/22/2023 4:51 PM
I have tried several different types of ammo in my 457 SS. I really like the 298 grains knurled the best at 100 yards.  I get a consistent group of 1.25 inch spread with 3 shots on a 2800 psi fill I have found my rifle does not like the 3000-psi fill always have a first flyer you can't predict.  Once you learn the ammo and rifle it performs well.  I am going to be hunting White Tail Deer and Hogs, so I want knock down power. At 765 fps its about 387 fpe which should do the trick, as always shot placement is the key.
salbegoga | 8/3/2023 12:07 PM
I’ve been shooting both the 240g and 265g in my .457 SS with comparable results that I’m not quite satisfied with. By far the NSA slugs are my favorite and produce the tightest groups. I’m also shooting .30 and .510 NSA slugs. With the .457 cal what velocities are you finding to produce the best results for both the 240g and 265g slugs within the Texan SS?  Appreciate any recommendations. I just started shooting through a chronograph for my air rifles to help dial them in further for increased accuracy.  Thank you. 
critterhitter | 8/18/2023 8:50 AM
I have the carbine model. But I also have the ts2 valve with carbon fiber bottle. But my rifle loves the 350 grain botail HP at about  830-840 fps. Might be too heavy if you have the regular valve and bottle. I will try to find the FPS on the 240 grain for you.