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rollincoal6600@gmail.com | 1/19/2023 10:32 AM
Best results from .217 caliber across the board from 20.2 grain to 31.2 dish base. The lighter offerings working better with the transfer port in the 9 or 3 o clock position. Heavier slugs running the transfer port at max. 10 shot groups at 36 yds.
 The 20.2 grain giving me .36 center to center 
The 27.8 grain .35 c to c ~950fps
The 31.2  grain .306 c to c ~ 920 fps
Didn’t care for 35 grain
Excellent expansion and penetration 900fps and over. Great slugs for heavier game as they stay together and penetrate. Minute of squirrel head at 60yds, haven’t grouped at long range however if they are stabile and grouping good at 36 yds they will do great at range. 
pauldamberger@yahoo.com | 7/23/2023 10:10 PM
AEA carbine HP. I am shooting the 20.2 -219 @ 900ish Turn your power wheel down  tell it almost lines up with the first  line. Lap a little bit of choke out of the barrel. Extremely accurate .if you don't want to do any barrel work go with 17.5 - 2175 They shoot flat and fast.     

Thanks  NSA
pauldamberger@yahoo.com | 7/24/2023 1:55 AM
My apologies, the first large hash mark On the power wheel