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Vhunter | 1/22/2023 12:58 PM
Tested several of the NSA .30 cal weights in .300 and .303 in my Vulcan 3 with 700mm barrel. Set reg pressure to 125 bar (Lane Lancet MK9) shot at 50 yds.
(.300) 47.2 gr slugs at 919 fps. was .744". 
Without changing any settings: 
(.303) 47.2 gr group size .619"
(.300) 49.5 gr group size .639"
(.300) 61.5 gr group size .701" 
(.303) 61.5 gr group size .569" without one flier which opened it up to .956"
(.300) 59.4 gr did not do well in my rifle. Grouped at 1.384"
Midmichiganairguns | 1/30/2023 2:20 PM
Excellent data. 

Others out on the ol interwebs have shared similar data using the .303 slugs.

That said, it's still not quite enough. I've measured, rubbed my eyes, re-measured, and measured again the ID of the newer Vulcan 3 .30 barrels measure .306 

It would certainly be nice, hint hint to NSA to create a .306 slug option. 

Those .5-.9 groups would tighten up a bit more. 😊

heavy-impact | 3/5/2023 10:46 PM
I agree. The Airgun Technology V3 .30 measures .3064 and requires a .306 slug. I have a 28" unchoked TJ's barrel I'll be fitting to mine soon so I'll be able to shoot standard NSA .30 slugs