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Ranchibi | 1/23/2023 3:25 PM
I have a de-tuned RAW HM1000x LRT .22 with a non choked polygonal barrel that I have tuned to shoot  JSB 18gr @ 950fps and NSA 17.5gr .2175 @ 930-940fps on the same tune. My only adjustment for shooting slugs is 1 click left on my scopes windage turret! Both pellet and slug accuracy are the same @ 20yds, hole in hole (my back yard ranges max distance). I have taken ground squirrels out to 120yds in pristine conditions with these slugs. I just recently purchsed a slug gauge and gram scale and Nick's slugs diameters are spot on as well as weights! Nick, thank you for manufacturing such incredibly consistent size/weight slugs @ affordable prices!