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Hillclimberairgunner | 9/13/2023 5:41 PM
So trying to tune rifle to shoot the NSA at about 950fps on PW7.  Settled for 973 on PW7.  ES was 9 and SD 3 after elimanting three shots that went way low like at 912fps.  So put in the HN 25.39 turned PW down to 4 cause I didn't want to go supersonic cause the Karens would come out.  I shot consistently at 1000fps es of 12 and sd of 3 w/o eliminating  any errant shots!  I measured both ammo with my calibers and I got .215  .2155 on all the ones I measured.  I conclude that the skirt on the HN is providing an air tight seal every time causing faster shots and way more consistent cause I got 4 1000fps in a row. I belive my best NSA ammo I shot was .2175 and will order some more of these.