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Nielsen Specialty Ammo

Quality Airgun Slugs

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22 Cal  | 23.0 gr | 250 Slugs | $0.064 /rd
22 Cal  | 23.0 gr | 250 Slugs | $0.064 /rd
22 Cal  | 23.0 gr | 250 Slugs | $0.064 /rd
22 Cal  | 23.0 gr | 250 Slugs | $0.064 /rd

22 Cal | 23.0 gr | 250 Slugs | $0.064 /rd

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23.0 grain / .22 caliber

Our ammo is only for use in Air GunsOur air gun pellets/slugs are swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting. This is a hollow point nose with a flat base.

Number of slugs per box: 250  

Length is .2765"

BC: 0.080

Diameter available in this slug: .216, .2165, .217, .2175, .218

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Bob Smith on 3/29/2022

I have both a Marauder and an Akela. I have shot 15 types of pellets and slugs in many weights and diameters settling for the NSA 31.2 .2175 and the 23gr. in 216. Both shoot extremely accurately as all of the ammo I have put thru these rifles. None of them I wouldn't hunt with. It's amazing how you hear that most airguns prefer certain brands over others. I suppose at extreme distances the accuracy is more noticeable. but i am usually not over 35 yards with my shots. I am very pleased with these slugs. I use the lighter slugs at closer ranges for less pass thru's. The 31.2 slugs go right thru 3/4 inch plywood at 30 yatrds. Again, very satisfied and will continue to buy. Oh, I check my accuracy with a Tactacam Thru scope mount slowed to 6 frames per second and paint the back of the slugs to see them better so I can tell exactly where the crosshairs were when I pulled the trigger. Amazing at what is seen at those FPS, easier to tell if it's shooter error. Thanks for a great product.

Corey Allen on 7/11/2021

Running the .217’s in the Crown mkll between 765 (30fpe) and 890 (40fpe) depending on situation. Very accurate - consistently sub-MOA at 890fps with the best 5-shot under 1/2” at 100yds. (The 17.5’s .217 are also wicked in calm conditions at 940fps) Most of my pest control is done with these 23’s now though must still use pellets at a couple farms. Great product great value. Thanks NSA!

Doug Hickman on 5/6/2021

I was looking for a conservative tune so I could adjust my power wheel to go between these light slugs and pellets without adjusting my regulator. Well, these babies are doing a mellow 925 fps and producing sub MOA .285” to .300”ctc groups at 50yds consistently. Haven’t tested to 100yds yet but they are extremely stable, viewing the slo-mo from my scope cam. One clover-leafed hole from the STX Superior liner. Having said that, velocity does not have to be extreme for these slugs to be accurate. And I am still able to dial down the power wheel to setting 2 to get the 900 fps needed for pellets, AND keep my reg @130bar. Just ordered another two boxes! Keep makin’em Nick! I’ll keep buyin’em! Kudos! Appreciate’cha!

Anthony Petrella on 11/3/2020

I'm new to the PCP game and have only a stock Marauder. I was shooting the H&N Baracuda Match (21.14 gr, 840 fps) very effectively, but I was intrigued by slugs and wanted to find a heavier ammo option. I took Nick's advice and bought some samples of the 23 gr slug. The .2165 shot a single hole at 20 yds in my testing and shredded a 3/4" plywood board (did not chrony it yet). Took to the forest same day... one shot (24 yds), one neutralized squirrel, slug did not exit. I thought, OK, that's pretty good. So, I setup a "9-hole" airgun target course around the house with those little 2" adhesive targets (highly recommended fun!) and just took two shots (22 yds, 36 yds)... both went right through the center dot on the target (nice clean, round holes). Shooting groups is important, but when you can take a single shot at a target (paper or pest) and put a slug through the center, that's as cool as it gets. I just ordered 350 of the 0.2165 slugs... perfect accuracy out of a stock Marauder, great heavy projectile for neutralizing ground squirrels, and quiet!

Henrr on 9/27/2020

Zips right through my barrel (With Sumo moderator) with the stock Benjamin Akela Max Power @ 2700-3000 PSI. Stacking holes upon holes at 15 yards, headshotting squirrels in my back yard. Can probably stretch out to 30 yard with JSB 18gr diabolo accuracy level but needs more testing.

Blake Lambert on 6/29/2020

I’m stacking 10 shots at 50 all in the same hole! And I’m literally clover-leafing at 100. My impact seems to like the .218’s a little bit better than .217’s This thing is a laser beam!!! deadly accurate. 1000 ft./s is the sweet spot! This is my favorite 22 caliber light slug by far. My 600mm .25 really loves 33.5’s* FYI Both slugs track straight all the way to the target no corkscrew**

Slug slinger on 6/21/2020

My neighbor gave me a old ted Williams 22cal co2 pellet pistol he bought from sears back in the 80s and this gun shoots these slugs far better then any pellet I’ve ever shot through this gun in accuracy and hits far harder defanetly a 5star slug

Rich Bender on 4/1/2020

Great work. Shooting out of FX Impact 600 mm barrel 1000 FPS. Very accurate, The most accurate slug so far. Tried other brands but not so accurate. Fair price for quality slugs. Thanks for all you do for air gun community. I say buy and try you will not be disappointed. Help support quality craftsmanship. Hard to find in today’s world. Thanks so much. Rich

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