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Nielsen Specialty Ammo

Quality Airgun Slugs

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22 Cal | 17.5 gr | 300 Slugs | $0.053 /rd

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17.5 grain / .22 caliber

Only for use in Air Guns / Danger: Do not use in a firearm. Our air gun pellets are swaged from soft alloy to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting.  

This is a hollow point nose with a dish base.

Numbe per box: 300  

Length is .234"

BC: .075

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Jay Litzinger on 8/20/2023

These little slugs are awesome. I’m not the greatest shot but even I have been able to get ragged holes at 35 yards at 940fps. I tried several magazines and only one from huntertactical allows me to shoot these without the slugs flipping.

Kenneth Stromile on 1/18/2023

These 17.5 g slug shoot hole in hole in 60 yards in my Vixen Long. Love them!!!

Carlos Valenzuela on 6/25/2022

They flip over inside the magazine of my FX Impact M3 so is a problem to shoot whith this slugs. You must inform the clients this slugs do not work with FX Impact M3

TB on 4/19/2022

With no power mods on a Kral puncher breaker quarter sized groups at 100 yds awsome!!!! With no mods on a Synthetic Gen. 2 Benjamin marauder groups like a trash can lid Choked Lothar Wather Barrels do not like them at Least the one in my Marauder does not

Kevo's pestair on 12/16/2021

I got the .2175 for my hatsan flash and I'm blown away they are tack drivers for sure most definitely doing a review for my YouTube channel I've shot all kinds of slugs and hands down these are definitely the best all hail NSA!!! keep up the fantastic work

john lambert on 7/1/2021

I have a Remington Express Hunter. When I load these pellets they will just slide thru and fall out of the gun. All sales are final?

Joey Martinez on 6/25/2021

So I shoot pellets and Slugs my gun likes and preforms well with both. But I’ve uses other slugs and haven’t gotten the same results as the NSA slugs the FX Hybrid slugs are good too but my gun shoots NSAs way better. Not to forget less air consumption. Like the 17.5 Grain slugs because they hit hard and retain speed well my holds from a 20 yrd zero are crazy flat at 60 yards it’s a 1/2 mil hold which is nice and they don’t go sub 20 FPE til after 135 yards and I don’t shoot that far any way. Wish I could shoot heavier but I’d have to tune my gun and like it as is. Maybe I’ll just get a new gun and power tune it, I’d still choose NSA slugs tho. They are made well and ship faster than expected and over all good value.

Randall on 6/12/2021

I had purchased a RAW HMx LRT .22 Chassis for it’s non choked polygonal barrel hoping it would be my pellet/slug shooter. I de-tuned it to shoot the JSB 18gr @ 950 fps and with this tune it shoots the NSA 17.5gr .2175 @ 935 fps very accurately and is my ammo choice for pesting ground squirrels to over 100yds. Nick’s commitment to providing the highest quality slugs @ a price point equaling high end pellets manufactured here in the US is ammo nirvana! To me his slugs are the JSB of slugs.

Darkcharisma on 6/9/2021

Wow, I listened to some reviews here and bought .217 sized. Accurate with the 380mm Crown Continuum barrel, zeroed at 10 yards. 1 moa drop at 50 yards and killed a bird at 75 yards off 1-1/2 moa. It’s probably 2 or 3 moa at 100 yards. not bad! It is really Accurate! only shooting 845fps. It would be a bit flatter of up to 950fps.

Eugene M DeBari Jr on 5/25/2021

looking for a proper 22 cal slug diameter for my beeman R9 rifle. Any one know which will shoot the best.

Joey Martinez on 2/7/2021

They stack groups slug on slug hit hard and shoot flat. With a 10yrd zero I get 4-5mils if drop @ 110 yrds. My gun tuned to shoot these I get over 30 shots on high power. Love these

kevin on 1/18/2021

The 17.5 in .217 diameter are fantastic (sub moa 5 shot groups at 100 yards) out of my dream tac compact and my crown continuum with the shorter 380mm barrel on each. The dream tac has two plenums screwed together and shoots at 880 with these. The Crown shoots them at 920. The longer 700mm barrel that also comes with the continuum prefers the 24 gr and heavier slugs.

Andy on 1/17/2021

I’m having excellent results in my Fx Crown .22 with 17.5 gr .2165 diameter shooting through a 500mm .22cal Superior liner. Excellent accuracy and 50 and 100yrds and hits very hard. These fly much straighter then pellets. Very happy!

Mike Goebel on 12/26/2020

I’m not a hunter, just an Air Rifle competition shooter. Just received some of the .2165’s and was blown away at how tight my groups are. This is critical in competition shooting. I only ordered one box but will be ordering more. They work well in both guns which is a plus.

Anthony on 12/3/2020

Darrell mentioned the 17.5grn are great. What diameter are you using? Thanks! -Anthony ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DARRELL on Jan 07, 2020 They are amazing the fx dreamline tac compact 380mm dime sized groups at 50yds

Scott on 9/17/2020

My BM500 shoots these great. I'm hitting a steel plate at 172 yds. consistently, and easily. At the muzzle I estimate they are going 840 fps. The expansion also is incredible. Have shot some chipmunks with them and wow. Exit wound is large.

Mike Granger on 7/24/2020

The .2165 diameter slugs are amazing in the Taipan. I tried the .2175 diameter slugs but the choke in the Taipan is too tight and they just wouldn't group well. Dropped down to the .2165 slugs and it was a different story! I was shooting MOA groups at 50 yards which is plenty good enough for ground squirrels. I have since shot well over 500 ground squirrels with these slugs and they do a fantastic job of anchoring ground squirrels well past 100 yards. My furthest kill to date has been a 127 yard head shot and the ground squirrel was DRT! These slugs are accurate, hit hard and buck the wind. What more can you ask for? Oh yes, and very economical! I've found the magic pill for my Veteran and this is it!

Eric on 6/6/2020

After trying several slug weights and designs in my Kral Puncher Knight, I gratefully discovered these. Other slugs either were not accurate enough or they were not able to be driven fast enough in the unregulated but adjustable Kral to expand. These run 890 to 900 fps on the highest setting and are accurate enough for small game hunting. They are deadly on ground squirrels, producing more damage than .22 lr solid point bullets. Another great highlight is the price! Accurate, expanding slugs for the price of a tin of pellets! Honestly, what more could you ask for?

DARRELL on 1/8/2020

They are amazing the fx dreamline tac compact 380mm dime sized groups at 50yds

EZZELL, DAVID on 1/7/2020

I have been using these for about a month now in a Benjamin Maximus. I get constant groups under ,25 in with a velocity around 825 fps at 25 yards. I use these to take pigeons and rock doves on a dairy. These have replaces all of the pellets that I use to use because of their constant performance.

Alan reinburg on 12/21/2019

I have a benjamin marauder field and target crossman barrel I tried both .2165 and .2175, The .2175 shoots amazing, shooting at 741fps, groups great out to 75 yards 3/4 inch, I can turn the power up more but the accuracy goes down the .2165 did not shoot good out my gun at any power level though couldn't get them to group.

Mike V on 12/6/2019

I have ordered slugs here twice now, first for my 30cal, this time for my 22. Quick responce, fast shipping and great customer service. Now onto my 17.5 grain slugs, shooting an air arms s410 at 900fps. 5 shot groups of .185" @ 50yrds!! I never imagined I'd get that out of my rifle. These slugs rock.

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