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Nielsen Specialty Ammo

Quality Airgun Slugs

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22 Cal  | 20.2 gr | 275 Slugs | $0.058 /rd
22 Cal  | 20.2 gr | 275 Slugs | $0.058 /rd
22 Cal  | 20.2 gr | 275 Slugs | $0.058 /rd
22 Cal  | 20.2 gr | 275 Slugs | $0.058 /rd
22 Cal  | 20.2 gr | 275 Slugs | $0.058 /rd
22 Cal  | 20.2 gr | 275 Slugs | $0.058 /rd
22 Cal  | 20.2 gr | 275 Slugs | $0.058 /rd
22 Cal  | 20.2 gr | 275 Slugs | $0.058 /rd
22 Cal  | 20.2 gr | 275 Slugs | $0.058 /rd
22 Cal  | 20.2 gr | 275 Slugs | $0.058 /rd
22 Cal  | 20.2 gr | 275 Slugs | $0.058 /rd
22 Cal  | 20.2 gr | 275 Slugs | $0.058 /rd
22 Cal  | 20.2 gr | 275 Slugs | $0.058 /rd
22 Cal  | 20.2 gr | 275 Slugs | $0.058 /rd
22 Cal  | 20.2 gr | 275 Slugs | $0.058 /rd
22 Cal  | 20.2 gr | 275 Slugs | $0.058 /rd

22 Cal | 20.2 gr | 275 Slugs | $0.058 /rd

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20.2 grain / .22 caliber

Our ammo is only for use in Air GunsOur air gun pellets/slugs are swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting. This is a hollow point nose with a dish base.

Number of slugs per box: 275  

Length is .260"

BC: 0.075

Diameter available in this slug: .216, .2165, .217, .2175, .218, .219

.219 slugs are for Leishy barrels or other large diameter bores, not for most air rifles.

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Antonina on 3/14/2022

I can shoot my maverick compact at 720 fps with excellent nickle size groups at 100 yards. This is awesome cause I get such a high shot count when shooting prairie dogs. It also shoots amazing at 960 fps with even tight groups. I dropped 3 hogs within 15 minutes on my land right in there tracks through the ear. They also shoot hole through hole with my edgun leshly 2 using a 500mm barrel at 75 yards at 910 fps. Get some, these are perfect for 100 to 150 yard pest control. I plan on trying, 30 cal next with my edgun leshly and 700mm FX barrel.

sonnysan on 12/20/2021

Been using the .218 20.2gr. for a long time now. I can't miss with these slugs in this gun. It's not even a challenge. Been shooting inside 60 yards no issues. Be careful though. Complete pass-through with squirrels. I've notices 25 - 35FPE PCPs really like this weight.

Robert on 11/15/2021

This things are tack drivers in my urban .22 out at 50 yards, not going to push them much farther than that, rarely do I get a clear shot farther than that around here on small game. Using stock urban I got 20 rounds at 50 yards from 3000psi down to 2000 psi. Can't wait to try them on a squirrel

Calvin L. on 6/5/2021

I am using a Umarex Origin. 22 that has been heavily modified, polished barrel, crowned, ported, custom hammer spring and a modified bolt probe seal (NOT STOCK DOUBLE O-RING). These NS .217 20.2gr slugs are its favorite leaving 10 shot group inside a dime at 70 yards and are absolutely amazing! I no longer use pellets, it is my designated slug gun!! THANK YOU NIELSON SPECIALTY AMMO FOR THESE INCREDIBLE SLUGS!

Scott H on 4/25/2021

I have an Airwolf MCT .22 with a Heliboard putting the gun at 35 fpe. The NSA 20s in .216 are shooting fantastic at 850 fps and the 17s at 890 are very accurate as well.

Sasquatch on 3/29/2021

I got these out at 915 fps on Jsar Raptor. Can get them much faster too. But current tune on these kills raccoons instantly. Head shot..

Carl B on 2/11/2021

100m, sub-MOA groups are possible with my FX Crown Mk I and the 700mm STX Superior liner. I used a regulator pressure of 135 bar to get these slugs going ~970 fps. I highly suggest everyone order samples of differing diameters. Everything I read suggested the 0.218's wouldn't work well in a choked barrel, but they were more consistent than the 0.217's. I suspect more contact with the rifling in the choke helped spin stabilization. Not all weights worked well - you really have to experiment. Try everything.

John on 1/9/2021

Just got my order in yesterday. .22 Cal 17.5 an 20.2 grain in .2165 dia. Started shooting some today out of a Air Venturi Avenger. So far just shot at 25 & 50 yards. Gotboth weight to shoot 1 ragged hole at 25 yds after playing with tune. Moved to 50 yds, 17.5 grn opened up to a little over 1 inch, 20.2 grn still 1 ragged hole, as long as I did my part . Will stretch this out latter and see what happens but loving the 20.2 grn. Awesome slugs you sell. Just a personal note on "fliers" with slugs, if you are shooting groups an you are getting a nice group, then you get a couple of fliers that hit 1/2 to 1 inch from main group, and those fliers make their own small group, most times it's the shooters fault. Be consistent in all aspects of your shooting technique, hold, shoulder pressure, trigger pull, gun placed on shoulder same everytime, etc.

Jez408 on 2/22/2020

I received my order today and couldn’t wait to shoot, so far my Bullboss likes them. MAN THEY HIT HARD! Still going to do some more testing...Thank you NSA for getting them to me quickly.

Daniel Dyck on 2/2/2020

These slugs are awesome in my modified marauder shooting them 950 fps. Please please Nick make em with deeper hollow point no expansion. But once their drilled out a little bit they expand to a 40 cal out 70 yards

edosan on 1/27/2020

I have tested this slug in FX Impact PELLET LINER A and it shoots sub moa @ 100y Then I have tested in The DAYSTATE RedWolf (well known barrel do not like slugs) and sub moa again @ 100y Is a winner!

Nicholas Hathaway on 1/11/2020

Once again he's done it with these I get 1/4 inch 8 shot groups at 50 yards with my Air Force talanp with an 18-inch 22cal barrel shooting over a thousand feet per second him definitely ordering more the 24-hr pretty good too but these are definitely the winner in mine everybody's is different

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