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Nielsen Specialty Ammo

Quality Airgun Slugs

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22 Cal  | 24.8 gr | 250 Slugs | $0.064 /rd
22 Cal  | 24.8 gr | 250 Slugs | $0.064 /rd
22 Cal  | 24.8 gr | 250 Slugs | $0.064 /rd
22 Cal  | 24.8 gr | 250 Slugs | $0.064 /rd

22 Cal | 24.8 gr | 250 Slugs | $0.064 /rd

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24.8 grain / .22 caliber

Our ammo is only for use in Air GunsOur air gun pellets/slugs are swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting. This is a hollow point nose with a dish base.

Number of slugs per box: 250  

Length is .308"

BC: 0.080

Diameter available in this slug: .216, .2165, .217, .2175, .218, .219

.219 slugs are for Leishy barrels or other large diameter bores, not for most air rifles.

Customer Review
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Kee on 9/18/2022

Super fast shipping. Will definitely buy again. Nicely done! Thanks!

Josh on 12/7/2021

These slugs are super accurate well past 100 yards at many different speeds but the expansion is minimal at best and they like to shed some lead while they expand. If I had to put money on a long range shot I’m grabbing a Nielsen slugs no matter what because there just isn’t any I’ve found to out shoot them. Sadly, if I’m needing mass energy dump then this isn’t my slug of choice. The .25 and .30 Nielsen stuff have huge hollow points and expand very well. You owe it to yourself to try all of his slugs if your set up can shoot them.

Ed on 12/2/2021

I just bought a new .22 RAWS HM1000x to be my NRL22 rifle and was hoping to find some slugs instead of the JSB pellets to compete with. The 24.8 gr slugs and the 27.5 gr are perfect. They both shoot equally well in this gun and are grouping around 1/2 moa at 50 yds and open up to about 1 moa at 100 yds. The vertical stringing is virtually nonexistent at 100 yds, allowing me to focus solely on wind. I used to shoot a lot of F class, but this combo is now my go to for competitions and afternoons at the range (my back yard). I can shoot 100 nsa pellets for the same price as 3 shots out of my 300 win mag.

Clinton Bailey on 2/24/2021

FX Impact X MKII STX Superior Liner 970fps and very consistent velocity Consistent 1/2" groups at 75 yards Shot a 3/4" 3-shot group at 145 yards...amazing!

Roy Chiappini on 11/27/2020

Condor SS .22 cal - Highly Modified, but factory LW barrel Been oscillating between NSA 20.2s and 24.8s. 20.2s @ 1000 FPS. 24.8 @ 940 FPS. Both @ 160 Bar. The 20.2s are a bit flatter and at 156 yds are only 4 FPE less than the 24.8s However, the 20.2s if not seated deep enough, fall out of the "chamber" when rig is pointed up. A bother for coyote hunting situation.. Both are equally accurate on the order 1/2 MOA when the wind isn't blowing out to the 156 yard mark. To eliminate the extra seating step, a real pain in a coyote hunting situation, I've settled on the 24.8s. Thanksgiving mornings results: 26 November 2020 52 yard zero bc - 0.369 (G7) - Published G1 bc wouldn't work beyond 100 yards... G7 is spot on. Tank pressure: 150 - 160 bar. Not accurate value - will determine actual value later. StrelocPro shooting solution: 940 MV - MagnetoSpeed V3 27* F 74% Hum Barometric: 25.87 "Hg Wind 10 mph varying +/- 30 degrees Range Strelok Actual Yds POA POI both in MOA 52 0 0 102 8 8 126 14 14 156 21.25 21.25 195 32.25 32.25 Snows on the ground. Mice are harder to come by. Yotes gonna be in trouble....

Travis Whitney on 6/24/2020

The .218 24.8 shoot FANTASTIC from my 2020 Huben k1!!! Sell a bunch but keep some around for my next order.

edosan on 2/4/2020

Submoa shooting consisten with no special power or barrel but the Pellet Liner A , dang good!

Prouzy on 1/13/2020

I have a couple of Hatsans in .22 and love the power they have. I especially wanted my Nova to shoot slugs but have not had any luck (casting) to this point. From a tune set for JSB Monsters that it shoots exceptionally well, I was shooting the .217 of these slugs around 850fps. After some sighters, 75yd was no problem in high cross winds. The consistency and quality of these slugs is evident in the accuracy, just awesome!

EZZELL, DAVID on 1/7/2020

I have been using these for about two months now and they have replaced all pellets. I am using these in a Diana Stormrider that is regulated to 130 bar. I get constant groups of .25 in at 20 yards with a fps of about 650. I use this gun and combination when shooting pigeons and rock dove inside the dairy barns. I no longer worry about shooting a hole in the roof with this slug and this velocity.

Michael Gilbert on 12/25/2019

Shot these out of my hatsan bullboss, worked great. Can't wait to get a 22 caliber slug barrel on my FX impact.

Seth on 12/22/2019

These are fantastic and shoot under 1 moa at 100 yards out of my RAW I’m getting 930 FPS at max settings These shoot better than JSB monsters in this rifle

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