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350 gr HP-BT, 45 Cal

350 gr HP-BT, 45 Cal

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Our ammo is only for use in Air GunsOur air gun pellets/slugs are swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting. This is a hollow point nose with a dish base.

Most accurate slug for Airforce Texan big bore air rifle and LONG RANGE SHOOTING.  350 grains | .45 caliber precision hunting and target pellet with large hollow point. These are accurate and a great choice for hunting with .45 cal Texan PCP air rifles.   This air gun pellet is sized .452 - .457 with a hollow point nose and custom base.  

The 350 grain has been tested in the standard Airforce Texan AND Texan SS with VERY good results.

BC 0.250

 Length: 1.039

 Customer has reported these are too long for the AEA gun.

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David Stevenson on 9/2/2022

I've been shooting this round for several years. I've tried several other slugs on the market, and the 350 gr. NSA .457 has higher accuracy in my testing. I placed in the top five two years in a row at the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge, in which 60x big bore shooters compete. The distances we shoot are between 50-300+ yards. A number of the top shooters are using this round...

Ed Bartkiewicz on 6/28/2022

These slugs shoot really good in my .457 Texan LSS.

iowaoutdooraddictions on 5/2/2022

Whop this thing packs a punch this will be a great round for deer or larger game for sure

Steve on 4/6/2022

I have bought a lot of different rounds and pellet weights from Nielsen, and other manufactures out there including Mr Hollow point. This 350 grain is by far the most accurate round out there for my Texan LSS 45 cal. Consistent bulls eyes at 100 yards. I would not try and harvest game past 100 yards. I was shooting game at 120 yards and they will jump the pellet. At 100 yards they don’t have a chance to jump the pellet. Huge difference 20 yards closer makes at how much quicker the pellet gets there.

Carlos Ugarte on 2/17/2021

Excellent job with the 350 gr HPBT slugs. Great performance! Last week my friend Jim and I were happy to hit the 500 yards steel plates with the LSS and SS Texans. Tomorrow Thursday we'll be hitting the 600 yards plates. With 600 yards maximum, we're running out of yardage at the Los Angeles Shooting Range! Next will be the Tactical Academy Shooting Range near Lake Piru! Nothing better for the .457 Texan platform! ( nobody beats Nielsen's quality and his $ 7.00 flat rate!)

Matthew Adams on 1/19/2021

Shot a 5 year old whitetail at 120 yards as I sighted my gun in at exactly that range but the bullet I shot out my Texan SS 457 and the bullet hit absolutely perfect giving me a double lung and the bullet hitting the deer sounded like a major league batter hitting a ball full swing and the bat cracking in half at same time , just a heavy swack sound and deer didn't make it 20 ........ absolutely perfect mushroom and bullet was logged into hide on opposite side almost Making it though. I highly recommend and im hitting a 1 inch group at 100 yards off a lead slead.

Raymond/ Tammi Tatum on 9/17/2020

i got the 350 gr hp-bt-45 cal slugs a 100 of them and i tell you they are the best i have ever used .i never used that hi of weight slug in my AirForce Texan .. i always used like a 255 gr slug but never got shots in as close as these 350 gr nsa bullets . me and my 2 sons was hitting bullseye at 85 yards . best bullets i have ever used .. Thank you NSA.. Y,ALL Rock

Robert on 12/9/2019

I'm very pleased with this large cal. Pellet,just as NSA say they r accurate,n I shot 3 groups well within 9/16 of an inch at 50 yards shooting Texan .45 cal. This is also very accurate as well. Not modified just straight out box,but I keep my tank pressure at 3000,also I have it turned up,I'm satisfied with it,n I'm sure It'll get the job done,for whatever Big Game.

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