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.250 / 254 | 38.5 gr | 200 Slugs | $0.085 /rd

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38.5 grain / .250 caliber

This is our newest slugs from our new high speed press.  The new press reduces our labor cost which is now reflected in our retail price.  This is a hollow point nose with a flat base.

Number of slugs per box: 200

Length is .358"

BC: .100

Diameter available in this slug: .250

.254 slugs are for Leishy barrels or other large diameter bores, not for most air rifles.

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11B Varmint Sniper on 2/12/2022

Serious punch on the 38.5 grains. Head shot coyote. Highly recommend

Raymond Borbno on 1/22/2022

These are my favorite bullets for the FX Impact M3. My M3 came in 35 and therefore had the power kit installed. I changed to 25 cal and installed the superior heavy liner. Tune as follows: 1st reg 162 2nd ref 142 Valve 4.5 lines Big wheel 8 Little wheel 4.5 975-980 fps.. And very devastating. I'm going to sell all my 22 rimfire rifles now. This is fantastic

Tom on 10/14/2021

I normally do not do reviews... But I bought these slugs (38.5 gr) for my daystate air ranger .25 80ft. These things are deadly on critters up to woodchuck size. The pretty much gut grey squirrels. I did a little penetration testing today. I have my rifle sighted in at 75 yds so figured I'd just use that distance. Just had a couple sheets of 1/2" plywood so figured give that a go. No problems getting passthroughs. Then figured I'd go the the extreme next... Grabbed a piece of treated 2x6 (we all know how hard that is).. Not a passthrough but just under the surface of the backside. Pretty pressed.

Jim L. on 10/12/2021

Got some advice from Nick to shoot slugs in the mid 900s. I tuned my stock Condor .25 to shoot these at 955 fps. Dead on groups at 50 yards. Held accuracy and only 1.7 mils low at 100 yards, Strelok Pro said it should be 2.1 mils low at that distance. These things hit like a sledge hammer. 78 fpe at the muzzle is nothing to sneeze at. I have to spend some more range time to see if I can squeak a little more out of them and maintain accuracy. My Condor likes this weight more than the lighter slugs, I ordered 2 more boxes today to make sure I have a good supply of them.

Chad Bowman on 12/25/2019

Shot from the Armada .25. max port mods and lighter valve spring. These slugs leave the barrel at about 860 fps with a devastating blow down range. These group a little better than the lighter ones I've tried so far. Stacking at fifty yards and clover leaf groups at 100. These definitely hit the sweet spot for the tune of my gun. However every size under these perform with amazing results. I have nothing to bad to say about the six different sizes I've tried except the 26 & 29 broke the sound barrier and weren't very back yard friendly, not a deal breaker by no means. Amazing work Nick.

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