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Nielsen Specialty Ammo

Quality Airgun Slugs

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300 / 303 | 47.2 gr | 150 Slugs | $0.113 /rd

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47.2 grain / .300/.303 caliber

Only for use in Air Guns / Danger: Do not use in a firearm. Our air gun pellets are swaged from soft alloy to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting. 

This pellet is sized .300 with a hollow point nose and dish base.

Number per box: 150

Length is 0.34"

Diameter: .300 & .303

BC: 0.110

.303 slugs are for Leshiy barrels or other large diameter bores, 303 is not for most air rifles.  .300 sized shoot well in L2 if you have the .300 diameter magazines.

Leshiy 2 Owners:  There are now 2 different size magazines for the 30 cal L2.  If your magazine has an "S" on the back of it that magazine is .300" and .303 sized ammo will not fit inside this magazine.  

We cannot tell you which size magazine you have for sure but if an S is stamped on it you need .300.  We are told most of the magazines are .303 but be sure to check and buy the correct size for your magazine.  Reports are .300 shoot well out of the S magazines.

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jeff groves on 7/19/2023

Shooting them out of my DreamLine Lite 700mm free float barrel with a FX DonnyFL. When I want Laser precision? This is my choice! To many 1 shot kills at 80+ yards to even mention!

Scott on 1/16/2022

I use these is my AEA hp max and they are very accurate. At 60 yards Iā€™m getting 3/4ā€ groups. They expand very well.

Mark Escott on 10/30/2021

I love these slugs and I want to keep using them in my .30cal FX Impact 700mm barrel. I found a fix to stop them from turning and jamming in my FX magazine...I made a video on my YouTube channel ( Farm Pest Management-Airgun ) showing how to modified your FX magazine internals (made by Orion The Iguana Hunter) to take and handle the NSA 43.8 grains and the 47.2 grains slugs...This new and brilliant piece of kit now allows me to shoot my favourite NSA slugs... I hope this helps.. Cheers, Mark Farm Pest Management-Airgun

Dc on 8/7/2020

Got these for my highly tuned hm1000x shooting them @900fps and stacking them at 50,75 & 100 yards. I've made the switch from pellets to slugs now I just see no point for pellets anymore. Slugs are the way of the future for my airrifles.

Tofazfou on 6/23/2020

My rifle is a custom regulated bottled Benjamin Marauder build. It has a 20" TJ Enterprises barrel with 1-26" twist. Its non choked. My rifle shoots the NSA 47.2s a little over 905 fps and will shoot a 5-shot, 3/8" group at 60 yards.........PERIOD. The slugs are well made, lubed, packaged just right and most important, they perform. What else is there?

Chris Hudnut on 1/26/2020

I had bought the .30 sample pack (2) and these seemed to be the best in my gun when it came to FPS and group size (.873" at 100yds). I shoot an FX Impact .30, 700mm barrel with a slug barrel. Everything is factory tuned with no changes. Wind was almost completely still with a slight pressure at my back. I shot them at the 200yd range for the first time. I'm zeroed at 50 yards for these slugs. After finding my zero (+42.75 MOA) my best group was 4.21"(861fps avg) before running out of air, with a building breeze. The range master was familiar with me from the 50-100yd range, but the two others at the 200yd range didn't seem to understand why my pellet gun was making better groups than their power burners... I'm happy.

Jason Smarr on 1/14/2020

I shoot an Fx impact mk2. I shoot these at 860 fps. Getting them to shoot in basically the same hole with a 10 shot group now with the slug liner. Awesome slug. Only one thing I would say is if I carry them around in the high capacity mag. (That's now standard) one or two will turn sideways but other than that they are great slugs. I did hear if you get the original mag they wont turn sideways.

Cory Kittle on 12/23/2019

I just got my Impact MkII 700mm .30 set up for shooting slugs and these things are impressive. I am getting an average of a .3ā€ group at 50 yards and a .8ā€ group at 80 yards (the limits of my range at the house). Hope to get out farther with them this weekend.

Jason smarr on 12/22/2019

I'm shooting the fx impact mk2 straight from the factory with the standard barrel and liner. Getting groups of 3" at 100 yards with the slugs liner I expect to get a much smaller group but still I would definitely recommend these slugs. Though every now and then one of the slugs turn sideways. But heard if you get the original mag. They wont ever turn sideways. All in all I would recommend these slugs for the fx stx liner but a slugs liner would definitely improve the accuracy even more. When I get the liner I will let you'll know the group size.

Gary Prewitt on 12/9/2019

Got great performance out these slugs in my Impact .30 cal. 840 to 855 FPS is the best speed I can get consistently out of them. I was told that is average because there is more surface contact (drag/friction) area with a slug than with the pellet. Because of the high BC with these slugs, I notice that they performed much better in the wind than the heavier 44. 75 JSB pellets.

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