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Nielsen Specialty Ammo

Quality Airgun Slugs

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.300  | 54.5 gr | 140 Slugs | $0.125 /rd
.300  | 54.5 gr | 140 Slugs | $0.125 /rd
.300  | 54.5 gr | 140 Slugs | $0.125 /rd
.300  | 54.5 gr | 140 Slugs | $0.125 /rd

.300 | 54.5 gr | 140 Slugs | $0.125 /rd

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54.5 grain / .300 caliber

Only for use in Air Guns / Danger: Do not use in a firearm. Our air gun pellets are swaged from soft alloy to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting.  

This pellet is sized .300 with a hollow point nose and dish base.

Number per box: 140

Length is 0.355"

Diameter: .300

BC: 0.12

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Kyle on 7/8/2022

This is one of the only slugs shot from the .306 unchoked beast. There’s a reason for that and it’s pure magic. Like these slugs were designed around it, they seal nicely and don’t require extreme speeds to push the medium weight .300 cal slugs. Speeds of 945 to 955 fps are where I’ve found my highest rate of success. 1/3 even 1/4 inch groups at 50 are common. Amazing slug and lead!

Charles on 4/17/2022

My Uragan King shoots these slugs at 850 fps and will do one ragged hole at fifty yards with them. I have tested all the NSA slug weights in the King and this is the most accurate. The 49 grain was a close second but would have the occasional flyer.

Jeremy Wilson on 12/21/2019

Overall very happy with my slugs work great in my Hatsan carnivore 30 cal seem to be getting good groups at 60 yards on windy day got more than I was expecting very Happy with the slugs and customer service shipping was a flash ?? found a must go to ammunition store wasting your time if you went anywhere else buy it here get that smile you can’t wipe off

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