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Sample Pack of Swage 45 Cal Pellets | Choose 290, 279, 265, 240, 220 and 196 Grain | Swaged Hollow Point

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Count: 4 each of 25 pellets you choose weights in drop down menu (100 total)

If what a stock weight is not in the sample pack you want please let us know which four (4) weights you want included in your pack in the notes at check out - you get 25 of each - 100 total slugs. 

This is a sampler pack for 45 caliber Texan or other 45 caliber air rifles.  Pack comes with 25 each of four different slugs you choose between the 290, 279, 265, 240, 220 and 196 grain slugs.  When you choose your sizing all slugs will be sized the same. These are accurate and a great choice for hunting with .45 cal Texan PCP air rifles.  Swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting.  


Please note, the 240, 220 and 196 grain slug can only be .457 and smaller.  The 290, 279 or 265 can be .458 or smaller.  If you choose .458 option the 240, 220 and 196 will come .457 because that is the size of the swage die.  Texan owners - order .457.


The 290, 279 and 265 are the same swage die.  The 240, 220 and 196 grain slugs are the same die as each other but a different die than the heavier slugs.  All slugs are a hollow point design.  The 290, 279 and 265 are flat base where all others are dish base.  Dish base do not travel as well and the flat base but does not seem to affect accuracy at all.


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