Fx Impact Probe Housing

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NSA slug and pellet probe housing.  This housing replaces the original Fx probe holder.  This housing only works with NSA probes.

This housing uses a much stronger and safer design for holding and securing the probe in the Fx Impact.  The stock original uses a very small set screw from the side that easily strips and if fails can allow the probe to be propelled backwards towards the shooter.  The large threads give a very large surface area to safely hold the probe.

The thread also gives some adjustable capabilities for depth.  A locking nut is screwed in behind the probe to lock in and make sure it does not come loose.

Stem design in stead of a hole in the probe which can increase fps.  Stem is made in a taper design to strengthen the probe.


Currently Available probes:

Caliber:  22  Pellet and slugs same probe

Caliber:  25  Pellet and slugs same probe

Caliber:  30 Deep skirt / flat base separate probes (ring on shaft for deep skirt)

Caliber:  35 Pellet and slugs same probe             


30 caliber requires separate probes  for deep skirted pellets or slugs in order to clear the transfer port.

Probes requires a 3/16" hex wrench to adjust.  Locking nut requires 7/32" hex wrench.

Includes housing, lock nut and replacement 4mm screw to attach to gun, uses same alignment pin in stock gun.  Probes sold separate.

These housings are manufactured by Nielsen Specialty Ammo and available exclusive at Utah Airguns in the USA.

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