Danger: This ammo can ONLY be used in AIRGUNS and will NOT work in a firearm, this is projectile only for airguns - not loaded ammunition

80 gr HP-BT, 257 Cal

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80 grain, 257 caliber hunting and target pellets.

This is a new design made for the TJ 1:14 twist barrel and is super accurate.  This is the slug that took second place at the 2017 EBR 200 yard small bore competition.  It is very accurate and the boat tail gives exceptional BC for long range shooting and bucking the wind.  If your are a 257 shooter this slug will become your go to bullet.  Other weights are available in the same configuration also giving excellent results.

Chose the quantity you want from pull down menu above, more quantity is cheaper per slug.

 Lenth is 0.70"

 Diameter available in this slug: .257

BC .205


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