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High Arc Hunter Bullets

Air rifle bullets shoot on rather steep angles producing a high arc to the trajectory of the bullet.  This is because of the slow speed they shoot their projectiles at.  While hunting, you need to be aware of how to compensate for this quickly.

Hunting with high arc bullets requires ranging your target and knowing your hold over and hold unders as a hunter. Once you know your range, you can change your hold to compensate for the high arc of your bullet's path.

The slower the bullet leaves the higher the arc it will produce.  Another factor is the BC of the bullet.  The BC is value given that represents the bullets ability to slice through the air in an aerodynamic fashion.  The higher the BC the less it will slow down.  This means your high arc can be reduced to less of an arc.

Two ways to combat high arc hunter bullets is to bring the power of your gun up, or, shoot lighter bullets.  Both of these options will assist in reducing the high arc by increasing the speed of the bullet. 

High Arc is not what you want but air rifles are slow shooting weapons.  You want a low arc, or as low as you can get it.  Tuning your gun and getting the most out of your platform is the best way to achieve the results you are looking for.