Our current turnaround is slower than normal - expect orders to ship in 3-4 business days. We ship USPS from Arizona, expect 2-3 days for Post Office delivery in most areas

International Orders

Nielsen Specialty Ammo has experienced a significant amount of fraud and issues with international orders.  This unfortunate circumstance has caused us to take extreme measures to combat these issues.

We have two choices.  We can stop shipping international altogether or we can set up international orders in a way we no longer have any risk.  We have chosen to offer international orders, but in a very structured format.

We will also continue to try and set up international dealers and we continue to pursue this so you will be able to buy in your country or nearby.


Procedure for International Orders

1.  Read our "Risks of international shipping" below.

2. Open an account in our system if you have not already.

3.  Add all the items you want into your cart.  Our system will store what is in your cart and we will be able to see it.

4.  Email us at nielsenspecialtyammo@yahoo.com and let us know the name input in our system.  Based on the shipping address you provide and items you have in the cart, we will get a quote for shipping. 

Most international shipping is $35 and up and this is for a max of 4 pounds including the box and padding for most countries.  Up to 20 pounds is in the $65 range in many countries, some are higher or lower. 

These are very rough numbers to give a quick idea of costs of international orders and is based on your countries cost structure which we have no control over.

5.  If you decide to proceed we will turn your draft order into an actual order but will not run any credit card.

6.  We will provide you with wire transfer information to wire the funds to us. Wire transfers incur a $15 charge for international orders from Wells Fargo bank.

7.  After the funds have cleared our system we make your order and ship out.  We ship using USPS from here in the USA.  Because of the weight of slugs, this is has been the most cost effective method of shipping.  We can use other sources but the cost is often 2 or 3 times more expensive because of the weight of the slugs.


Risks of international shipping

There are several risks with international shipping.  These risks are not something we are willing to take.  Number one is fraud, which means we no longer will take Paypal or credit cards for international orders, these payment methods will be eliminated so people can no longer dispute legitimate charges to get free slugs in another country.

The next risk is that the package does not ever arrive.  In our experience this normally happens in the country we are sending to and not caused by our postal service in the USA.  We will provide tracking info on our shipments, but cannot guarantee your shipment will arrive.  If your package does not arrive we will not refund any money.  You order at your own risk.  If this does not work for you, we understand, please do not order if that is the case.

The next risk is that customs holds up your package.  Again, this has been more so a problem in the outgoing country's customs and not normally the US Customs.  We will not refund any money if any customs holds up your order.  You order at your own risk.  If this does not work for you, we understand, please do not order if that is the case.

In many countries you will be charged taxes for importing goods from outside your country.  We do not know what those fees are and we do not research for you.  Please do your research on what your country will charge to bring your items into your country and be prepared to pay those fees.

Other than a mistake in what we shipped you or similar issue, there is no circumstance we make any refunds, partial or otherwise.  We will no longer take any risk with international orders because of the issues we have encountered by several people and several countries.  We understand these are extreme conditions to agree to, but it was this or discontinue international orders all together. 

We understand this might be upsetting to customers and we feel the pain. The number of refunds we have been forced to give because of the issues outlined above has caused us to lose money on international orders. If this does not work for you, we understand, please do not order if that is the case.