Danger: This ammo can ONLY be used in AIRGUNS and will NOT work in a firearm, this is projectile only for airguns - not loaded ammunition

302 gr Hollow-Core-BT, 45 Cal

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This is a hunting round for massive expansion.  Meant for 45 caliber air rifles for medium to large game hunting when you want to mushroom the hollow point more than normal but still penetrate.  The picture of the two slugs are the 350 grain on the left and 302 grain on the right.

This has the same dimensions of our very popular and accurate 350 grain hollow point but has an extra 48 grains of hollow point lead removed.  The cavity inside the core is hollowed out allowing it to collapse and mushroom for massive damage.  This is the same length of the 350 grain hollow point boattail, the hollow point is larger and wider in the middle of the bullet than at the tip.

These are much more time consuming to make and therefore more costly and recommended for hunting.  These are 50 slugs per box, not 100 like many of our other boxes.  These are much more time consuming to make.

In the pictures you will see two hollow point pins.  The smaller one is what we use to make our 350 grain HP and the larger makes this 302 grain HP.  Both bullets are identical shape and length on the outside, the difference is the missing lead in the hollow point.

You will also see in the picture the large cavity in the first step.  Once that step is complete we run it into another die to form the final shape of the bullet and the hollow core becomes longer and takes the final shape of the slug.

Thank you Chris Turek from UpNorthAirgunner for the testing and taking the first deer with this new slug!

These are on the site based on inventory so they can not be purchased one we run out of what we have made.  We will try our best to keep these in stock but they are time consuming to make so there may be delays for inventory.

Number of slugs per Box:  50

BC 0.240

  Length: 1.039

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