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111 Grain | .308 Caliber, Sized .308, CAST BULLET

111 Grain | .308 Caliber, Sized .308, CAST BULLET

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111 Grain, Cast .308 Air Rifle Pellet

This pellet is made on our bullet casting machine for .308 air rifles.

 Length is .607" 

Diameter: .308, .or  "as cast", as cast is about 0.311-0.312" 

BC is 0.16

  BC testing on Slayer with 14 twist at 950 muzzle velocity and measured at muzzle and 50 yards with Labradar to calculate the actual BC.

** All orders $7 flat rate shipping no matter how much you buy **

 This bullet has been tested in Slayer .308 rifles with great success.  TJ .308 barrels love this ammo.

Tested in .308 Slayer and .308 Airforce conversion guns with 14 twist barrel.

This is not swaged like other ammo we custom make.  This is cast ammunition for airguns - do not use this in a firearm, the lead is too soft for firearms.  These pellets are made on our automatic pellet making machine with iron cast molds.

The bullet casting machine gives quality bullets with good bullet weight repeatability.  Bullets can be sized to fit different rifles.  If you have your own sizer you can order "as cast" and put them through your own sizer.  Please select the size in the pull down menu. 




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