36 gr Dimple Nose, 25 Cal

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36 grain, 25 caliber hunting and target pellets.

These are accurate and a great choice for hunting with .25 cal PCP air rifles.  Swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting.  This pellet is sized .250 with a DIMPLE nose and Flat base, 36.0 grains.

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 Length is .350"

Diameter available in this slug: .250

BC .09

Quantity per box:  275


This slug has been tested by Utah Airguns in their slug liners with good results.  This slug is made on a high speed swage machine and is a little different than our standard slugs we have been selling for years. 

Do not buy these or any slug for standard smooth twist FX barrels.

These do work in Smooth Twist X barrel SLUG liners.  

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