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52 grain | Swaged .25 Caliber | Sized .250 | Massive HP | 100 Count - Nielsen Specialty Ammo

52 Grain Hollow Point Air Rifle Pellets | .250 Caliber Air Gun Slug | Massive HP | Swaged

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52 grain, 25 caliber hunting and target pellets.  This is a very large hollow point slug not our standard HP nose.

100 count.  These are more barrel picky, the non massive hollow points we offer will work in more barrels.  These are accurate and a great choice for hunting with .25 cal PCP air rifles.  Swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting.  This pellet is sized .250 with a massive hollow point nose and flat base, 52.0 grains.  This large hollow point nose needs to be in a heavier slug like this to be accurate.  Second picture has standard hollow point on the left and this massive hollow point on the right which has much thinner walls for expansion.

If what you want is not in the pull down menu please email to see if it is possible have it made, please do not order something and add notes to make something else unless we have verified it is possible..

 Lenth is 0.441"

 Diameter available in this slug: .250

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