** CUSTOM WEIGHT ** | Swaged .217 OR .218 Caliber Air Rifle Pellets | 21-40 Grains

Regular price $ 18.99

100 count or save money and get 400 count.  Custom to your specified weight in 1 grain increments, all 400 slugs same weight.  

Please select: 

1.  Size 

2.  Quantity 

3.  Base* 

Boattail - 28 to 40 grains 

Flatebase - 21 to 40 grains 

*Most guns will shoot the flat base bullets better than the boattail option.

Add note in check out for the weight you want.  

FX slug liners:  Some FX slug liners want .217 and some want .218.  The .218 seems to be a better choice for most liners from the feedback we have received.

Daysate:  Daystate want .217 sized slugs.

Lothar Walther barrels seem to want .217 sized slugs in most guns.


Do not buy these or any slug for standard smooth twist FX barrels.

These do work in Smooth Twist X barrel SLUG liners.


PLEASE SPECIFY THE WEIGHT IN THE NOTES AT CHECK OUT OR EMAIL US.  Boattail can be as low as 28 grain | Flat base can be as low as 21 grains.  Either can be up to 40 grains.