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Quality Airgun Slugs

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.178 | 12.5 gr | 400 Slugs | $0.037 /rd

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12.5 grain / .17 caliber

Only for use in Air Guns / Danger: Do not use in a firearm. Our air gun pellets are swaged from soft alloy to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting. 

This is a hollow point nose with a dish base.

Number per box: 400

Diameter: .178

Length is .241"

BC: .070

These have been tested in choked LW 17 caliber barrels with good results.

Do not use in .172 barrels 

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Tak Auyeung on 6/22/2023

These slugs shoot out of a Daystate Pulsar HP at about 970 fps for about 26 FPE of muzzle energy. The ballistic coefficience is about 0.05 calculated from the numbers captured by LabRadar. The slugs are very high quality and consistent, this is particularly important for a smaller caliber and lighter slug. These slugs seat well with the Daystate specified LW barrel of the Pulsar. It may work for other .177 Daystate rifles, as well. The accuracy is surprisingly good. These slugs shooting out of the Pulsar make it possible to control ground squirrel out to 100 yards, even with a light breeze. Precise ranging is important because at 100 yards, one yard translates to 0.5 inches of drop.

PepeG on 10/20/2022

These slugs are nothing short of amazing in my Generation 2 .177 cal Benjamin Marauder... these have made my Marauder into a one shot one kill squirrel rifle and, I could not be any happier with the results..... the accuracy and the knockdown power is awesome! I highly recommend them

Jeff on 9/12/2022

Tried the 12.5 & 15’s in the .177 Avenger. The 12.5 required reg to be cranked up and the fill pressure maintained above 3Kpsi. Accuracy was inconsistent. The 15’s would not leave the barrel of the rifle. Used a rod & drove a stuck slug back out the breach. Measured the slug (.173). The unsized slugs just weren’t a good choice for the avenger. A year passed. I purchased a NOE sizing die kit and saw they offered a .173 bushing. I thought this could be the fix that the Avenger needed to run NSA slugs. Purchased the required kit and resized some of the 12.5s. WOW! Just what the Avenger needed!! The gun will shot the 12.5s with the reg @ 2K and the rifle will continue to sling them when fill pressure even drops to or slightly below Reg setting. With the reg cranked up I’m pushing the 12.5 to 975 fps and it’s grouping under 3” at 100 yds. Honestly, near golfball accuracy. Here are 100 yd groups. 100 Yard .177 Avenger W/Slugs - 975 fps & 26 FPE So, dang good slug for a dang good entry-level air rifle, as long as you’re willing to resize them to .173. Hey Nick, feel free to save me some time and offer them at .173? Anyway, I like them and the performance & accuracy is worth my time to resize them!!! 4 stars cause I have to resize them. After sized, 5 star performance! Good stuff! Hope this helps someone with the little avenger.

Dale Humphrey on 11/28/2021

Love this slug i was running 13.43 JSB pellet @780fps it's a laser beam switched to the 12.5 NSA slug with out tuning it shot @800fps shot good out to 40y tuned it up to 915fps laser beam switched back to the 13.43 JSB with out tuning it shot @880 laser so I can switch from pellet to slug without tuning and zeroing is easy because there's only about a 1mil POI shift @30 yards. I'm running it in my FX Impact M3 there's only a half inch drop between 20 and 40 yards talk about a flat trajectory here's my tune if interested: 1st reg 145 2nd reg 115 valve adjuster 4th line micro adjust 4.5 power wheel 12

J.S. on 6/22/2021

I’ve been absolutely stunned by how well all the .178 slugs (12.5/15/20.5) perform out of my 10 year old Daisy Powerline 880 and even at 3-6 pumps. The 12.5 also stack well in the 1377 and the .177 neutron star when tuned down for mid power, the 12.5 are also stacking well with the ATP2. Hands down the best ammo out there for air rifles. I’m starting to think a lot of other rifles that aren’t known to like slugs will shoot these well. I just think it’s a matter of time until people start thinking of trying them out. Looking forward to more .177 selections in the future. (Just don’t stop making what you already make) ????

Chuck on 6/2/2021

Bad to the bone I took this egg Raiders from fifty Yards with my converted .22 to .177 prod carbon at 30 ft pound Looking for a high bc pellet . not Only good my hunter extremely is Out of the closet and twenty yards Group's slug on slug at 855 fps .. The big issue is the lead is hard and Pass through on squirrels so be careful On directions of aim not to carry out Too unknown distances.. Can't leave a picture racoon but one shoot

Mike on 4/24/2021

They 12.5g are absolute laser beams in my AA s510 xs ultra ultimate sporter. Even out to 110 yards with 4-6mph winds, it's just too easy. They are accurate as hell through my Avenger as well, and have taken out many cottontail. There is no comparison currently in the market when it comes to this level of quality, at SUCH a low price. I would love to see 11g and 17g .177's available soon. I think the .177 slug market will pick up and be more popular in the coming years.

Ronny on 2/26/2021

Hi. I am from indonesia. I used this 12,5gr slug on my LW Polygon choked barrel with 860 fps speed. And i can say, i can hit 1cm target at 42m. Great slug. Like it

Travis L on 1/9/2021

I use these in 12.5gr .178 in my Gamo Swarm Maxxim Gen2 and they shoot better than any other pellet shot out of this barrel. They fit perfectly in the ten round magazine. They are all consistent. I haven't even seen a deformed slug yet and I don't expect to with the quality and consistency of these well made .177 slugs. I can sit here and compare them but to keep it short, they are the best slug/pellet I've used so far. There are other pellets that have a cool factor in them and look nice. These on the other hand shoot more accurately, pack more punch and quality. Ps. I've also used these in my Gamo Raptor and had the same great results.

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