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Nielsen Specialty Ammo

Quality Airgun Slugs

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.178  | 15.0 gr | 400 Slugs | $0.037 /rd

.178 | 15.0 gr | 400 Slugs | $0.037 /rd

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15.0 grain / .17 caliber

Only for use in Air Guns / Danger: Do not use in a firearm. Our air gun pellets are swaged from soft alloy to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting. 

This is a hollow point nose with a dish base.

Number per box: 400

Diameter: .178

Length is .270"

BC: .075

These have been tested in choked LW 17 caliber barrels with good results.

Do not use in .172 barrels 

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Owen Gaudette on 1/14/2022

Ive been shooting these out of my low end, beeman chief 2 plus s. And let let me just say I won't use any other pellets for hunting from now on. They hit exactly where you want them everytime, and this is on a full power tune so they are flying well over 1000 fps, and with that soft swaged lead they're dumping some serious energy upon impact. Just amazing. It really is a .177 bullet. Cheers n.s.a.

james cooper on 12/26/2021

Watch them shoot on amazing airgun's on youtube the title is most accurate slug gun in the world .iI tried others slugs and got inch group at 100 yards at 1083 fps at 100 yards . NSA slugs shot an extemely impressive .433 at 100 yards with a fifteen inch barrel. And my bobcat shot .698 at 100 yards with 30 cal 54.5 grain slugs.You can see them both shoot these slugs on the site.When i weigh them there is no deviation in weight , and when i size the they are right on the money.I also shoot these out of my huben and get a 1.5 inch group at 200 yards they are the best on the market.I know because i have tried everything , and not because i didn't have faith in these slugs . It was because i never stop trying to get better accuracy. And i never look anywhere else but nsa.

Darrel olson on 6/5/2021

Tried in my tx impact mk 2 500 mm stx barrel was highly impressed with the accuracy at all speeds tried. From 549 fps through 970 fps they flew straight and true.highly consistent very pleased

Dc on 5/31/2021

Shooting these in a edgun matador R5M Long and stacking them on top of each other at 50yards 30 yards was boring. Yet to try them at 100 yards but will soon. Shooting them at 1k fps

L Dofelmier on 5/5/2021

These are amazing, my looowww end PCP Diana Stormrider loves them. Works in the magazine and seats in the breach better than most pellets. Maybe 1 lb of pressure on the bolt for the last 1/6 inch of travel. The rifle is regulated 135 bar sends them @ 780 fps that ends up with a ragged hole @ 20 yards, will test to 40 when possible. Was notified they were in stock and ordered, shipping was fast ( hard to believe these days). There not pellets beware of your back stop ?? penetration is crazy. The 12.5 @ 830 fps needs a little work on the tune, about a quarter @ 20 yards. Will definitely order again. Thanks NSA.

Mike springbett on 11/1/2020

These slugs are great. I started shooting them out of my old Bam. Had good results: somewhere in the high 20's fpe. I had some parts laying around and threw together an Airforce rig getting 40 fpe . Took it out to 210 yards- pop cans never had a chance. Thanks for another great slug.

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