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Nielsen Specialty Ammo

Quality Airgun Slugs

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.249  | 26.8 gr | 250 Slugs | $0.068 /rd
.249  | 26.8 gr | 250 Slugs | $0.068 /rd
.249  | 26.8 gr | 250 Slugs | $0.068 /rd
.249  | 26.8 gr | 250 Slugs | $0.068 /rd

.249 | 26.8 gr | 250 Slugs | $0.068 /rd

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26.8 grain / .25 caliber

Our ammo is only for use in Air GunsOur air gun pellets/slugs are swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting. This is a hollow point nose with a dish base. 

Number of slugs - per box: 250

Length is .290"

BC: 0.088

Diameter available in this slug: .249

(being a little short it will measure between .249 and .2495)  

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Bee Nyaus Yaj on 10/10/2022

I used this slug on my FX impact M3 to shoot California grey squirrel from 20-100yards. The squirrel drop dead from where it sit. Lighter weight save more air power and it does the job. Will buy 2 boxes next time!

Paul D on 11/23/2021

Fx Maverick 600mm 115 on the regulator 17 mm on the hammer 970 fps Excellent groups at 100 yards able to reach out to 200 yards devastating energy transfer

Sasquatch on 3/29/2021

I tuned these on my Mk3 Wildcat to 950-955 fps. Regulator about 140-145 bar. Excellent groups at 100 yards and no spiraling. Smooth Twist X Superior liner - stock rifle.

Tom C. on 3/27/2021

I bought these and fx hybrid to shoot with my Fx Wildcat MKII. FX slug wants more speed. Im shooting these about 870 fps. I ht a squirrels at 136 yds and 125 yds yesterday. My only complaint is they will fall out of my rotary magazine. According to Nick Nielson the issue is with the FX mag. Oh well I’ll deal with it to get those kind of shots.

Ike B Brownfield on 3/14/2021

I shot these three my avenger and it loved them very accruate my sight in for the jsb Exact kings 25.39gr for 25 yards was the perfect for 50 yards with the slugs so that just showed me how much better the trajectory is!!! Plus not as much hold over for wind the box says it all a ballistic advantage. Very pleased with my purchase will be ordering much more and the shipping was fast especially since I live in pa. Keep up the great work NSA. Proud to support an American company!!!

JCote on 2/14/2021

Shooting these out of my Impact MKII Power Plenum Compact with the Superior STX 500mm barrel at 940 FPS (135 Bar on the reg). At 50 yards, it's a pretty tight group, one ragged hole. If they perform the same out of my 600mm Superior heavy liner, which is waiting on parts from FX, I'll be back to buy a few thousand and start the transition from pellets to slugs. Really happy with the results of these and really looking forward to testing with the heavy liner. The feeding of the slugs in the plastic FX sideshot magazine is adequate, you need to load quickly and don't slowly load them, or they get hung up. The quality of these slugs is outstanding. They are shiny and already lubed up. Load and shoot. This is a great product for my use case. I'll also be trying these out at longer distances once the weather warms up.

Jeff in NC on 12/14/2020

Picked up samples of the 26.8, the 29.0 & 29.5 slugs. I had high hopes but got very inconsistent results through my stock .25 gauntlet. In addition, I believe the length of the slug exceeds the freebore of the barrel in my rifle. The bolt did not want to “cam over” and required excessive force to lock in position. The 26.8’s were the easiest to convince to work. However the best results came with the 29.5 grn slugs. However, They repeated threw flyers opening to 3-4” at 50 yds. So, not a workable solution in my rifle. But I have had good results with some of the .22 slugs in other rifles. So a little disappointed but it is what it is... so my 2 stars rating reflects the success or lack of it in this rifle and not the quality of these Slugs.

MohAmericanAirgunner on 7/14/2020

Got a pack of the 26.8gr to try in my Hatsan 135 out of curiosity. And I’m amazed at the quality and accuracy of these rounds. Took a groundhog today at 26.5 yards. The thud of the slug impacting the groundhogs skull was louder than my 135 itself. These slugs even out of a 135 break barrel hit with authority! Will be getting a Hatsan Hydra hopefully next month, hoping it shoots them as accurately as my 135. These slugs are excellent quality! This was my first time buying from your store, you have a returning customer now!

Vasilis on 7/11/2020

Ive been testing all NSA slugs in .25cal. To my surprise, this 26gr shoot better than the 33.5gr in my setup. I shoot them at 1045fps from the Impact MK2 PP 700mm slug liner with less than 1" at 100m. Only problem is the dont like wind as much as the higher grains...

Eric on 6/27/2020

Since June 6 I've been able to use these slugs on prairie dogs, ground squirrels, starlings, and a few other varmints. Chrony says 935 fps average in the FX. I've shot varmints out to a ranged 95 yds. Performance on PDs and ground squirrels is at all ranges is very similar to HV fragmenting HP .22 LR bullets. Excellent accuracy, flat shooting, far superior performance to most pellets for hunting and varminting. On top of it all, better value than any other slug I've used. For me, these are better than Christmas morning!

Eric on 6/6/2020

Used these in FX Impact with the new 600mm STX Superior liner at 880 fps. Excellent accuracy, devastating damage on ground squirrels. That velocity is clearly high enough to produce projectile expansion on small-bodied varmints. This price point is amazing also! I have tried the competition in similar weights with similar results, but paid 3.5x more per slug! Keep up the great work!

Chris Figueroa on 4/20/2020

29 thru 33.5 gr are like a laser beam shooting out my gun I don't even shoot pellets anymore they are spot on out to 100 yards and always to 200 yards no BS very accurate ...

Gunner on 4/14/2020

I tried these thru my gauntlet... there allitle snug at the end of the bolt but not a deal breaker, these things are on point, very little drift an not much drop. I will no longer use pellets as NSA slugs have my attention and are my go to tool.. very pleased so next to try is the 29gr. Hpdb... if you use a gauntlet (stock or tuned) these shoot straight an true

Doug Betz on 2/7/2020

My Will Piatt tuned Seneca Eagle Claw loves the NSA slugs. Got the gun, Zeroed at about 35 yards and and off a bag, just wanted to rip off a mag and see and was very pleased. Can't wait to stretch this out and see what groups at a hundred yards look like. I have a tool I have only dreamed of...until now!!! Thank you Mr. Nielsen for and outstanding product!!! Mr. Piatt has the Eagle claw pushing 43.5 grains at an average of 939 FPS... Mr. Nielsen has it delivering 84 foot pounds on target... Truly we are at new level of performance in air gunning...

Christopher M Jones on 12/27/2019

So I’ve found that the gauntlet isn’t chocked and I’m just loving those 26.8gr slugs I’m getting 50-75 yard head shots easy I haven’t had to use a follow up shot unless my hold over was wrong keep doing what your doing because these are lazers

Chad Bowman on 12/25/2019

Shot from Armada .25. The only upgrade to the rifle is max port modifications and a lighter valve spring. This slug leaves the barrel at 1036 fps and is grouping sub 1\2 inch at fifty yards and at 100 you can cover group with a quarter. Would be an outstanding small game round.

Brian Crawford on 12/21/2019

I have set up my FX Impact MKII .25 cal to shoot these slugs 1005 fps. They are very accurate at 75 and 100 yards. Plus they expanded to almost double there caliber ! The prairie dogs are hibernating in N.D. now. I am looking forward to using this 26.8 gr. hollow points to eliminating varmints this coming summer.

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