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Nielsen Specialty Ammo

Quality Airgun Slugs

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.249  | 29.0 gr | 225 Slugs | $0.076 /rd
.249  | 29.0 gr | 225 Slugs | $0.076 /rd
.249  | 29.0 gr | 225 Slugs | $0.076 /rd
.249  | 29.0 gr | 225 Slugs | $0.076 /rd

.249 | 29.0 gr | 225 Slugs | $0.076 /rd

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29.0 grain / .249 caliber

Our ammo is only for use in Air GunsOur air gun pellets/slugs are swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting. This is a hollow point nose with a dish base. 

Number of slugs per box: 225  

Length is .300"

BC: 0.093

Diameter available in this slug: .249

(being a little short it will measure between .2485 and .2495.  

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Dexel Rivera on 12/25/2022

Excelente munición para cacería en calibre 25.

Dean K. on 3/5/2022

These dished 29 grain slugs are shooting MOA out of my FX Wildcat Mk 2 at 910 FPS. (700mm Superior X liner.) The slugs are clean and consistent. I've tried the 26.8, the 29.5, and the 33.5 grain offerings as well, but my Wildcat like these the best. I intend to purchase a lot more. Thanks NSA!

John Rawlins on 12/14/2021

My avenger is stacking these at 50 yards. Got my regulator sitting at 2400 and my hammer spring turned out 1.5 turns from max. Cycle well in the magazine and are lethal on small game. Couldn't ask for more. Thanks NSA!!!!!

Tim Vanderwarker on 11/6/2020

Bought these 29gr dish base and some 26.8gr nsa's to try as a cheaper alternative to the fx hybrid slugs, and I am extremely happy with the initial results. 940fps (29gr) with the fx hybrid tune of 990fps, was going to up the speed a little but the groups are incredibly tight already (as good or better than the hybrids were shooting) so im not gonna mess with it! 26.8s shoot well out of this combo as well, just a slightly larger group (I think higher speed would fix this easily as they are slightly shorter and just need a tune to stabilize them better) thank you Nick Neilson, you're a legend :)

Eric on 10/4/2020

The .25 dreamline I modified has two FX power plenums off a bottle adapter, a huma tuning spring and an Ernest Rowe transfer port. With the superior liner I get good accuracy with these slugs at 890-900fps. I get great accuracy with the 33.5’s at 860fps. That’s just about as fast as I can shoot either of them with my dreamline. Regulator 120 hammer spring 5 or A Hammer allen screw nearly maxed 29.0’s - 1” roughly at 80yards 33.5’s - 1/2” regularly at 80yards

L. Rafe on 7/18/2020

Ive the older Sam Yang Sumatra w/ a .2525" barrel. Both the NSA .249" and .250" work, some weights better than other depending on speeds. These 29g dish base work great for me ( a little better than the flat base) at a avg of 1080 fps, power level 3 (max is 4) at 180bar. Tuned for 210bar in general. Shoot 1 atop the other at 100 yrd, a nickle sized silver spot on a black steel plate. If i push them faster or slower they will open up a bit but still tight. If i want to shoot 135 yrd, i have to really adhere to these speeds. At 160 yrd i can pull off 2 inch groups reliably. They shoot very flat. All the .25 cal NSA work in my Sumatra. A matter of how good i am on a certain day. This is after a Will Piatt tuned and trigger job that made a world of difference. Before he worked on my trigger the results were considerably different. I gobbled up a box of these fast. My happy medium and fav is the .250" 33.5g for long range targets and the 52g boat tails for actual hunting. But these work fine and if the 33.5g wernt available id order more. Outstanding consistently in weight/diameter. At this weight and speed, still kinda loud even w/ a Donny Fl Sumo LDC, but not loud enough to spook my horses. A consistent 75fpe average on the above settings at 15ft from muzzle. I can push them to 1130 fps for 82fpe for "up to 25-30 yrd" for bigger critters, past that, gotta put the brakes on just a tad for 100 yrd fun. Excellent product=normal for NSA. Quick delivery!

slug slinger on 1/19/2020

this slug shoots hard and accurate out of mt lcs in full auto and semi auto I recommend this slug if you want to shoot slugs out of your lcs airarms

Jun Cruz on 12/21/2019

We went duck hunting this weekend and shot the 29gr. DB HP in a custom Philippine made rifle with LW standard rifling 23.8" barrel with great results. Regulator is set at 130bar with 920 fps velocity . The distances covered were anywhere from 40-120yards with minimal drop compared to pellets.

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