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Nielsen Specialty Ammo

Quality Airgun Slugs

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.249  | 29.5 gr | 225 Slugs | $0.076 /rd
.249  | 29.5 gr | 225 Slugs | $0.076 /rd
.249  | 29.5 gr | 225 Slugs | $0.076 /rd
.249  | 29.5 gr | 225 Slugs | $0.076 /rd

.249 | 29.5 gr | 225 Slugs | $0.076 /rd

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29.5 grain / .249 caliber

Our ammo is only for use in Air GunsOur air gun pellets/slugs are swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting. This is a hollow point nose with a flat base.  

Number of slugs per box: 225 

Length is .288"

BC: 0.093

Diameter available in this slug: .249

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Frank Caltabiano on 8/26/2023

We shoot lots of ground squirrels out here in Northern California. I shoot nothing bu NSA 29.5 gr. .25's. I took over 500 squirrels last year, and so far this year, have personally taken over 200 squirrels, all with NSA slugs. Believe me, they work!

OlegSuperMan on 2/26/2022

This is by far the best projectiles for the money. Shooting out of “2021 model wildcat mk3 sniper” 80 yards 5 shot under 1 inch at 970fps. Goes trough 3/4 solid wood at 89 yards. 29.5 grain. Those slugs gets me a way batter results then fx 26 grain that shoots over 1000fps or Nielsens 26.5 grain. Thanks u guys a lot for awesome product for the price of pellets

Brad on 11/21/2021

My HM1000x loves these, shooting them now at 965 avg for a little over 62 FPE. I just wish I was able to share photos on here to convey why I love these. Groups at 40 yards are .31 with 12 shots. Shot a couple rats today within 25 yards and the rest of its head was only being held on by skin so I love the expansion.

Don E. on 9/23/2021

I cannot say enough good things about NSA, these airgun slugs are top performers to say the least, I have tried some sample packs and in stock form .22 pcp the 17.5 grain are laser accurate running in the high 800s low 900s fps. 25 cal Avenger shoots tight groups with the 29.5 flat base and also at short range 50/75 yards 33.5 grain are 1 hole hammers. My FX M3 also shoots the 29.5 fb and the 33.5 fb excellent, great price on these slugs and great shipping rates as well, also no hesitation on shipping, if they have them they will ship in a flash, thanks Nick and NSA crew for truly world class products.

Sidney Lawrence on 6/28/2021

Picked up some of these bad boys from Utah Airguns. Condor SS,talon tunes valve, these things have outstanding terminal performance on ground squirrels you can tell simply by the sound that you’ve impacted the target it’s a very loud pop, and 43.5 grain are Hell on marmots drop on impact I am a customer for life well done gentlemen

Chris Wooten on 2/13/2020

I know most guys are shooting the .22 slugs in the impact, but having an impact x just before the power plenum began being standard, I can only push the 29.5 flat base slugs in my .25 to the mandatory 940 FPS. I have the slug liner, and I just can't push the 32.5, 34, and heavier slugs YET. (Getting power plenum installed) These are SO accurate in my Impact that i do not mess with pellets anymore. My bro-in-law and I broke 6 oz. Jars at 280 yds!!! I'm not quite maxed out on valve adjuster, but hammer is max, and reg. pressure is on about 160. PLEASE BE AWARE!!!! THERE IS A TINY SWEET SPOT YOU HAVE TO HIT BY MAKING TINY DOWNWARD ADJUSTMENTS ON THE VALVE KNOB AFTER YOU GET THE SLUGS TO 950 FPS!!!! If you ignore this bit of mandate, you're only inviting frustration and a closet full of slug boxes. It's all about harmonics. I tried over (40) 3-shot groups of the 26.5 dish based slugs, and they simply would not group at any tune. Your mileage may vary. NICK'S CONSISTENT WEIGHT AND SIZE HAVE BEEN OUR SLUG BREAKTHROUGH!!!! THANK YOU NICK!??

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