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Nielsen Specialty Ammo

Quality Airgun Slugs

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.250  | 33.5 gr | 215 Slugs | $0.079 /rd
.250  | 33.5 gr | 215 Slugs | $0.079 /rd
.250  | 33.5 gr | 215 Slugs | $0.079 /rd
.250  | 33.5 gr | 215 Slugs | $0.079 /rd

.250 | 33.5 gr | 215 Slugs | $0.079 /rd

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33.5 grain / .250 caliber

Our ammo is only for use in Air GunsOur air gun pellets/slugs are swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting.  This is a hollow point nose with a flat base.

Number of slugs per box: 215

Length is .330"

BC: 0.096

Diameter available in this slug: .250 

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Bob green on 6/15/2022

I have a . 25 cal FX maverick. With 700 mm sniper barrel, I am used to shooting the heavier slugs 40-50 gr I decided to try these after I read one of the reviews wow I am glad I did ! At 150 bar I’m shooting these fire crackers at around 1050 fps ! They are hole in hoke accurate up to 100 yards only because that’s as far as I have tested they buck the wind like it’s not even there and as you can see from the other reviews they will blow some s… up ! Pic attached at 50 yards and the can was already open with water in it so no beer was hurt during this picture.

Dale Cook on 5/2/2022

I tried 8 different slugs and these are the best in my AEA Standard Custom. They are as accurate as pellets give more power for bigger critters than pellets

JoSo on 1/30/2022

My .25 AEA HP Varmint loves these and are the most accurate ammo I’ve found in slug or pellet. They fly straight and true even out to 300 yards. You all at NSA are very much appreciated for the work you do. I’m using these for hogs and yotes and any other pests around the ranch. The pop these make echo around the lake here like a gun shot.. ??

Asam on 1/17/2022

I have a .25 cal fx crown mk2 with a 600mm superior liner, it shoots absolutely amazing with the 33.50 gr slugs. Reg at 135-138 bar there leaving the barrel at 870fps! They out preform the jsb heavy mk2 pellets all day.

Biohazardman on 12/9/2021

I tuned my up Impact with the 700mm Slug A liner installed and these 33.5 pellets shot excellent. Seldom over an inch and often as not .5 inch at 100 yards. Crazy accuracy for sure! It shot several other slugs and pellets as well on the same tune.

Dwight on 11/28/2020

NSA is the only place to buy Airgun ammo. I bought the sample pack for testing in my regulated condor with reg set to 160 bar. The .249 sized 29.5 grouped best of the .249s. The .250s 33.5 and 36.2 where on whole groups at 50 yards and clover leaf groups at 75 yards. Couldn’t get chronograph to read consistently due to clouds, but was able to get a few readings from 985-990 so I’m real happy. My hundred yard target is blocked with a downed tree at the moment. I had an order awhile back where the postal service had basically ripped the package apart and I was missing several boxes of ammo. I emailed NSA with pictures explaining what happened and with in a few days I had the rest of my order. Hands down this is the best company ever to use, and will continue to use for all my needs. Thanks for all that you do! I am a customer for life!

Blake Lambert on 6/29/2020

Sub MOA @ 100 yrd no problem! The harmonic sweet spot for me is 920 ft./s with the 600mm But you can push them as high as 965 Without sacrificing too much accuracy. And they flatten out Real good* nice expansion on soft tissue 200 yards is achievable with the slug also* Soda can won’t stand a chance!

Brad Freeman on 12/23/2019

Putting these through the slug liner on my FX Impact MK2 gen3. Gun has hi power mods, 60cc external plenum, 6 gram hammer weight, c3 delrin, rear block port drilled, valve housing mod, port and probe mod. Shooting these at 980fps with excellent accuracy at 50(hole on hole), 100yd(less than 1" groups) and 125yd about the same as the 100yd groups. These slugs perform excellent and expand beautifully on impact.

Adam Wilson on 12/21/2019

I have taken 8 squirrels with these slugs and I couldn’t be happier with the performance. Great expansion and accuracy out of 12 inch barrel. Getting sub 1/2” groups at 50 yards. Great product.

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