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.250 | 34.9 gr | 215 Slugs | $0.079 /rd

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34.9 grain / .250 caliber

Our ammo is only for use in Air GunsOur air gun pellets/slugs are swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting. This is a hollow point nose with a dish base. 

Number of slugs per box: 215

Length is .347"

BC: .110

Diameter available in this slug: .250

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Adam on 12/22/2021

Fx impact m3 600mm superior barrel. I've tried 2 different brands, 4 different weights (26,33,36 & 39g), and multiple speeds for each before trying these. I could not get any of the other slugs to have any constancy and none of them would shoot close to moa. Out to 100yards the accuracy is close to that of pellets but after that these slugs out perform any pellet. I have a sub moa group at 100 and easily shooting under 3" groups at 200 yards without the gun on bags or a sled. I was rushing shots just to see where they were hitting. I believe these slugs will shoot sub moa at 200+ with a little more tuning and taking your time. I'm pushing them out at 960fps with the second reg at 120bar, valve opened up past 4, and around 3.75 on the micro.

Brian on 9/27/2021

These are another Great slug from NSA ! I went prairie dog shooting today with the 34.9gr slugs. They were spot on out to 130 yards and at 1000fps they would stop the p-dogs in their tracks ! Thanks NSA !!

Troy on 5/28/2021

Completely disassembled it and polished valve rod, hammer, springs, and spring guides. I also polished top of regulator pistons, regulator adjusting screws, washers and piston housing. Has slug power kit installed with the extra weight washers left off. High flow dual hole transfer port and fx adjustable pellet pin probe. STX superior liner. 1st reg. set at 190bar and 2nd reg. set at 120bar Macro wheel set on 16 and micro adjuster set on 3.49 (1 click under 3 1/2) Front power adjuster is opened all the way up. Basically 5 lines. I've tested it with different brands of slugs and weights and the superior liner seemed to be happy with the NSA. I first started with sample packs but these 34.9 grain didn't exist at the time. The 33.5 grain did great but i still wasn't able to fine tune hole in hole 5 shot groups at 50yrds. I later found that the 34.9 grain was added and managed to get a box before they sold out. The Impact M3 with this setup and settings including mods Ive done freaking love these slugs... at least at 50yrds. I still have to shoot them at 75 and 100yrds but I need buy more slugs first. At 50yrds I'm consistently getting hole in hole with 5 shot groups. 965fps was the sweet spot for these slugs and setup with this Impact M3.The fps fluctuate at times but always stay within 964-966fps. I did wash these slugs and re coat them with WD silicone dry lube. Once in stock I'll certainly be making a bulk order. Very happy with NSA and the service is top notch.

Bill H. on 5/18/2021

The title tells any Gauntlet user everything they need to know, for the rest of you I offer the following. My rifle is as the title says, an Umarex Gauntlet rebuilt and tuned by Hajimoto Productions. Rifle stats: Reduce hammer stop by 5/16" (HTVS) Replace valve poppet with high-performance poppet (STK) Add end cap power adjuster 5/64" Hex (STK) Add power adjuster hole in the stock (STK) Increase transfer ports in both receiver and barrel to 80% of bore size Increase regulator pressure to 2100 PSI Barrel breech chamfer and bevel Barrel crown retouch and polished Barrel lapped and polished Barrel shroud ventilated Barrel shroud diffuser installed Baffle replaced with 5 piece HP Baffles (SSP) Air stripper replace with HP Air Stripper (SSP) Installation of the HP Barrel Band. Trigger to sear face polish and lubricate Polish hammer Polish hammer tube section Trigger adjustments made Trigger 3rd washer removal Trigger return spring replace (lighter) DonnyFL Sumo Silencer I'm sending these 34.9 grain NSA slugs 150 yards with an 896 FPS average into a 1.25" group according to the rangemaster signed & certified targets at Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Arizona, 5-18-2021. Partly cloudy, Humidity 16%, Temp. 81F, Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph. Cease fire vid on youtube. Ridiculous, just ridiculous how accurate that combo is. Great job! Can't wait to fire something in the 25 grain range as I have the best harmonics with a 25 grain projectile. I will purchase again, and again, and again.

Jason Thompson on 5/11/2021

Best slug to date, I normally shoot the 36.2's, but these are just better! Fx Impact MKII at 1000fps Youtube Airgunslut1 I did an insane group at 175yds, not once but over and over, great job guys!!

Ignacio on 4/6/2021

Vary hard hitting accurate slug

Eric on 2/6/2021

Impact MK-II PP. Opened box and shot around 900fps, nice precision grouping. Upped the power a bit to get them around 940fps and amazing things start to happen. Shot after shot stacking on top of each other. Any flier I had should be able to be tuned out. I’ve always been completely satisfied with NSA slugs but these are just on another level for my particular gun and setup.

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