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Nielsen Specialty Ammo

Quality Airgun Slugs

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.250  | 36.2 gr | 215 Slugs | $0.079 /rd
.250  | 36.2 gr | 215 Slugs | $0.079 /rd
.250  | 36.2 gr | 215 Slugs | $0.079 /rd
.250  | 36.2 gr | 215 Slugs | $0.079 /rd

.250 | 36.2 gr | 215 Slugs | $0.079 /rd

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36.2 grain / .250 caliber

Our ammo is only for use in Air GunsOur air gun pellets/slugs are swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting. This is a hollow point nose with a flat base.

Number of slugs per box: 215

Length is .344"

BC: .100

Diameter available in this slug: .250

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True Bright on 10/4/2023

FX Wildcat heavy liner slug power kit huma duel port .absolutely loves to eat these slugs holding 3/4-in groups at 100 yards off hand also one Jagged hole off of a bag at 100 yds absolutely impressed with this ammunition thank you Nick

Brian on 8/25/2022

I have been shooting prairie dogs with the 36.2gr ammo. They stop them in there tracks ! Because they are so accurate from my Impact M3. I feel confident taking prairie dogs out to 150 yards. Thanks NSA for making such high quality airgun ammunition !

RJP on 3/20/2022

Just bought a 24" condor barrel & installed a TT heavy spring with OEM hammer & weight. These slugs shot excellent thru my 18" condor ss @ 936fps & thru the standard condor set up with just the 24" barrel & no other mods. With the 24" barrel & heavy spring + the lead cleaned up a bit, I adjusted the power wheel to 0 & it's now pushing these 36.2 gr @ 1041 FPS with extraordinary accuracy & great terminal performance as well. You just can't beat NSA slugs thru a condor! Enough said..

Robert F on 1/17/2022

These slugs shoot the best in my box stock AirForce .25 Condor. (24" barrel) I only have about 150 rounds of pellets and different slugs down the pipe so far. I'm sure it will only get better. I'm shooting the 36.2 NSA's at around 965 FPS for about 75 ft lbs. I can't wait to shoot some varmints with these slugs! I was hitting squirrel size targets out to 125 yards no problem! If you have a .25 Condor give these slugs a try! Fast shipping and great service from NSA!

biohazardman on 8/28/2021

I have shot thousands of rounds of the 33.5 and 36.5 .25 slugs from my 700mm slug A FX Impact at speeds form 740fps to 975fps and when I get the tune right I consistently get many if not mostly .5 inch groups at a hundred yards. I have only shot a couple hundred rounds of the 38.5 but they seem to be just as accurate. Plinking paint cans at two hundred yards is child's play when the wind is light or constant. This is great ammo at a great price so get it while you can.

Steve Knight on 12/15/2020

I am shooting these 36.2 gr slugs out of my stock Airforce condor ss. Average velocity is 975 fps, around 75 fpe with great accuracy. These hit hard at 50 yards. Great product, great company.

Georgios Vougioukalakis on 7/21/2020

The highest precision slug production in diameter, height and weight! The Cal 25 36,2 grain perform very well in the Hatsan Flushpup S: with 155 bar Huma regulated and 6 turn in the spring hammer, I have high accuracy in concentration (1/2 cm in 16m) and extremely stable velocity at 207,5 m/sec for 12 shots!

L. Rafe on 7/1/2020

I have an older Sumatra that likes .250" and .249" slugs. All NSA work great from sample pack (sample pack is nice, its what i started with) then i got the Boat Tail 52 & 55g, it likes them too. 52gBTHP is mad beast mode. W/ these i get great accuracy out as far as i have steel plates set up=160yrds and under. I average 1060fps=90fpe w/ still carries 60+fpe at 160yrds. W/ NSA quality its really about how much drop you want at long range and what kinda game im trying to take down. Some weights are over kill on the little critters. They fly like bullets cause thats what they are, so watch whats out there. I live rural, in the hills, horse owner, lots livestock w/in a 1000yrds. Pellets dont fly that far, these do. My Eagle Claw is a Seneca, it dont like the .249" but so far likes the .250" in 43g and 33.5g really nice, ill test it w/ these when i get more. Sumatra loves them, its not a Seneca. They shoot flat. My fav is the 33.5g cause both my rifles likem and the Eagle Claw is not quite as powerful as the Sumatra even though i tuned w/ new spring to 88fpe w/ the 43.5g. My Sumatra is at Will Piatts shop getting gone threw, im sure itll likem even more upon return. It made 98fpe w/ the 55g BTHP before i sent it off. Air Venturi sent me a longer hammer spring for the Eagle Claw, it was only making 55fpe out the box and didnt like any slugs. Now it loves the .250". I order a new batch every month, like right now, add'n to cart. NSA rocks!

Matthias Sabbe on 6/22/2020

I have shot about 500 of these with my fx crown (Slug liner off course). Work great for Hunting; accurate, good impact and the benefit of great BC. However I am still nog 100% site of my setup. Compared to other grains the 36.2 are giving me the best results: 1/3 to 1/2 inch groups at 50yards shooting free from a table. No gun support of bipod. Quite happy with the result however I am still not sure of the best finetuning. Shooting at approx 870-880fps at the moment. At what speed should I shoot according to your Experience?

Derrick on 5/14/2020

I have a Sumatra .25 and a Kral Puncher Breaker I need to know what slug is best for both of them. Thanks.

biohazardman on 5/7/2020

I shot 5 12ga shell casings in a row at 100 yards would have shot more but that was all I had set up. Shortly after I shot a spray paint can, a spray paint can lid and then the smallish lid off of a can of whipped cream in succession at 200 yards. So these things are just plain accurate and extremely consistent in my Impact 700 slug barrel. The 33.5gr shoot nearly as well.

Slug slinger on 4/26/2020

Great slug out of the lcs airarms. Very accurate and hits hard these are the heaviest slugs I shot out of this gun so far next order I place with NSA going to try some heavier ones and see how those hit

Dean Wagoner on 4/25/2020

I’m shooting theses slugs out of a highly modified Umarex Gauntlet in 25 caliber. I’ve tried every weight up to the 43 grain. My gun seems to prefer the 36 or 38 grains. This gun is strictly used for hunting and I’ve tried slugs and pellets from different manufactures. These NSA slugs have been the best for me. With all the different weights you should be able to find one that your gun shoots well no matter how modified or stock it may be. I would also like to say thanks for always getting me my product in a timely matter.

Peter Papathemetrios on 3/2/2020

Was out in 5-20 mph winds today and I shot several 1/4 MoA 5 shot groups at 100y.

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