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Nielsen Specialty Ammo

Quality Airgun Slugs

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.250  | 43.5 gr | 200 Slugs | $0.095 /rd
.250  | 43.5 gr | 200 Slugs | $0.095 /rd
.250  | 43.5 gr | 200 Slugs | $0.095 /rd
.250  | 43.5 gr | 200 Slugs | $0.095 /rd

.250 | 43.5 gr | 200 Slugs | $0.095 /rd

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43.5 grain / .250 caliber

Our ammo is only for use in Air GunsOur air gun pellets/slugs are swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting. This is a hollow point nose with a dish base. This pellet is sized .250 with a hollow point nose and flat base, 43.5 grains.

Number of slugs per box: 200

Length is 0.398"

BC: 0.110

Diameter available in this slug: .250

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Kevin Frace on 9/22/2023

I'm running these rounds in my AF Condor SS. They are booming on impact. To expand on that, I have hit these on a few targets that allow me to recover the expanded round. My .25" rounds open to .50" with no separation or notching at the perimeter. Yes these 1/4" rounds are tearing 1/2" holes down stream.

Robert P on 12/1/2021

Should have ordered more! Found great accuracy & performance @ 878 FPS from my Condor SS. That don't sound like much! but its over 70 Ftlbs & the accuracy is there & thats the most important factor in terminal performance.

Jim L on 11/4/2021

Another great offering from Nick. If you liked the 38.5gr slugs, you'll love these. The 43.5gr slugs shoot great in my Condor. Power wheel set at 6, averaging 940fps out of my stock Condor and shooting nickel size groups at 50 yards. I have a ring-loc kit on the way and will be doing more tuning once I get it.

Leonard on 7/19/2021

Thank you Nick Nielsen and everyone on your team of very professional top knotch service and the most precision air gun slugs on the planet I have tried a lot of different slugs some ok some just walk away but Nielsen specialty is the best I have used in three different rifles a daystate wolverine hp and two airforce ss condor 25 and a lss 45 they shoot like custom made hand loads for a powder burner when your gun is tuned for that weight you decide to shoot and accarcy is hole in hole at fifty yards inch at 100 and I’m a hunter plinker and not by any means a pro but Neilson ammo will take you and your gun to a higher level . Besides the precision ammo they make I never have had a easier order process and very fast reply shipping fast and always a email of what was happening with my order . I think anyone will find that Nielsen has the perfect slug that will be the best of anything out there and a very honest company to buy from they are only place I look too for my slugs in all my guns

Jared Johnson on 10/22/2020

Perfect fit for Seneca/Avenger 8rd magazine, and fly great out of the Avenger set up for 75FPE.

Slug slinger on 7/5/2020

These things are insanely destructive out of the lcs air arms high power air rifle

Richard Huff on 1/8/2020

If you are shooting a Condor .25 cal. you need to try these 43.5 HP slugs. I tried 3 well known brands in 6 different weights and was about to give up on finding an accurate slug in the 40-50 grain weight for my stock Condor SS. Finally ordered the 43.5 grain HP from Nick and at power setting #6, 915-920 fps. these slugs are deadly accurate. Under 1" 5 shot groups @ 75 yrds. Try them!!

Bob on 12/21/2019

These 43.5 grain .25 cal slugs shoot really well in a air force condor , they give me 96fpe and hit with authority!

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