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.250 | 55.5 gr | 150 Slugs | $0.127 /rd

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55.5 grain / .250 caliber

Our ammo is only for use in Air GunsOur air gun pellets/slugs are swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting. This is a hollow point nose with a dish base.  This pellet is sized .250 with a hollow point nose and flat base, 55.5 grains.

 Number of slugs per box: 150

Length is 0.485"

Diameter available in this slug: .250

BC: 0.120

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Owen Gaudette on 1/19/2022

I've tried just about every slug I could out of my power tuned benjamin armada with no luck. But I got these 55.5s and I have to single load them but i am getting hole for hole accuracy in 50 yards! I'm even still slinging them in the high 800's To even further put them to the test I took the tops off of a couple plastic bottles, and even blasted some 1" army men from 50 and made it look easy. Ive well broken the armada's claimed 50+lbs of energy. Nsa slugs are my go to hunting round from now on!

RJP on 10/21/2021

If you want penetration this is the slug for the job. They hit with authority @ 840fps from my Condor SS. Once I got my tophat adjusted correctly I found they are very accurate as well. Not many shots at the power listed! but these should work great on coyote sized animals. Keep up the excellent work! I have yet to find a NSA slug my Condor will not shoot very well with a little adjusting here & there.

L. Rafe on 12/19/2020

When i 1st tried these i didnt have any luck w/ them. 2nd try, w/ a new hammer spring, no LDC and its 40 ° instead of 90. I can get 90 fpe w/ the Eagle Claw. But w/ supreme accuracy 86 fpe at 160bar power level 3 (add a inch longer hammer spring from AV) Wide open on power level 4 at 200bar the groups spread to 3 inches at a 100y. 160 bar power level 3... 3 inch groups at a 175y..100y= 1 inch groups. I was surprised, 1st time out i couldnt do much. I group tightest w/ the 36g 1 atop the other w/ Eagle Claw at 100y, then he 33g...the 55g is grouping tighter than the 43. My Sumatra which is a Sam Yang, not Seneca surpasses the Eagle Claw w/ the 55g in power but not accuracy. Sumatra loves them 52g a scapal. I dont know if they too long or what but w/ the LDC it spreads a bit. W/ LDC plus 6 inch extension for a total of 12 inches of LDC it clips, the 33g do not. But the Eagle is not loud and its pretty quiet w/ the 55g and No LDC. I was impressed. Didnt think the Eagle had to power to throw these but it does indeed. W/ a BC of .120 thats still over 60 fpe at 160 complaints here...NSA and they Q/C rocks both my .25' and my .50 Dragon. NSA . Its all i shoot, no cast and no pellets...easy on the breech seals too. Cycle perfectly. Great product

Dwight on 9/19/2020

Sorry to leave out, was shooting the 55.5gr slungs.

Dwight on 9/19/2020

I have been using this slug for some time on the farm for pest control. Average FPS 1081-1096 and FPE of 145-149. 60 yard zero for mostly one hole groups. 100 yards with sub MOA groups. I love these slugs. At 60 yards this slug will go through 1.5 inch green red oak planks. Know your back stop for sure! Thanks NSA!

Phillip on 9/5/2020

I shoot a stock hercules bully 25. I have to crank my power up to shoot these I don't have a chronograph so I can only guess about my FPS with that said I would guess between high 800's to low 900's but what I do know when I find that spot, these are probably the most accurate out my gun and when they hit it's twice as loud as my gun ( I have a DonnyFL Emporor on my gun). I have shot the 43gr NSA and if these 55gr aren't the most accurate then it's second to the 43gr. For my gun these 2 slugs are my go to when I'm shooting over 100yds. I'm waiting on the sample pack to get here and will review them when they do.

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