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Nielsen Specialty Ammo

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.300 Cal | 43.8 Grain | Slug $0.100 /rd

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43.8 grain / .300 caliber

Only for use in Air Guns / Danger: Do not use in a firearm. Our air gun pellets are swaged from soft alloy to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting.  

This pellet is sized .300 with a hollow point nose and dish base.

Number per box: 170

Length is 0.32"

Diameter available: .300

BC: 0.105

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Mark Escott on 10/30/2021

I love these slugs and I want to keep using them in my .30cal FX Impact 700mm barrel. I found a fix to stop them from turning and jamming in my FX magazine...I made a video on my YouTube channel ( Farm Pest Management-Airgun ) showing how to modified your FX magazine internals (made by Orion The Iguana Hunter) to take and handle the NSA 43.8 grains and the 47.2 grains slugs...This new and brilliant piece of kit now allows me to shoot my favourite NSA slugs... I hope this helps.. Cheers, Mark Farm Pest Management-Airgun

Stephen Patterson on 10/2/2021

At 147 yards elevation variable is 3/4 an inch I’m just holding over between marks. I had a slight crosswind 2 inch left to right variations. Most shots within 1/2”. Impact Mk 2 standard barrel 700mm (not a slug liner) reg 140 hammer max Valve stopper 1 line showing 923 FPS My gun started out as a 35 cal so definitely has power upgrades from factory. If I were to adjust the valve stopper I’m sure I can get another 25 FPS easy. Why shoot pellets you can’t find that are expensive. If you need to tone it down grab the 22 caliber for in the back yard.

Rick on 5/30/2021

Wow this slugs do some damage on varmints out of my 30cal uragan.

Joe Fiorini on 3/12/2021

I have a dreamline and was told that my stock gun in .30 cal would never shoot straight or achieve speeds slugs want. The slugs nsa provided absolutely love my gun. Was shooting810 fps with pellets now I'm shooting 960fps and amazing groups at100yards!!!! Nsa slugs are so much better then anything I've ever shot period. They will forever be getting my money!

Derrick Mitchell on 7/18/2020

I originally bought a heavier grain slug and did not see the offer of a lighter slug. i took a chance and got the 43 grains and found out my wild cat loves them. The accuracy and power is there using these slugs. Try them and see. You won't be disappointed.

Cris on 4/4/2020

Just got your .30 Cal 43.8 grn slugs in the mail and also seperately received some Diablo JSB. With my Hatsan Blitz the Diablo pellets were all over the place while your slugs held superb accuracy. Just ordered another 1,125 of them!! Thank you for making a great product.

Shane on 1/2/2020

I purchased an Uragun in .30 zeroed in at 50 yards with JSB Diabolo’s 44.75 grain. I’m shooting about 3/4 at 50 yards ...that’s ok, but I’m sure it can do better and I want to stretch out to 100yards. The Uragun needs some tuning and go-to Ammo. Not a lot of pellet choices out there for this caliber. I purchased the sampler pack from NSA. The slugs are blemish free and they all cycled flawlessly in my Uragun .30 caliber, and they all grouped well at 50 yards. I am looking forward to shooting out to 100 yards soon and that is where the Slugs are supposed to be superior to pellets. I’ll update my review after my 100 yard zeroing. Mr. Nielsen is a pleasure to deal with and really knows his stuff. I am very impressed with the customer support.

Brian on 12/17/2019

I've been looking for something to help in accuracy past 25yds. I bought some 43.8 gr .30cal to see what a slug can do. So far I'm very impressed. Initial testing at 25yds they are grouping the size of a dime. At 50yds they are grouping around the size of a quarter. All my Sam Yang 909 would do at 50yds was around 3". With the 196 gr I had 3 shots almost touching at 50yds.

Slug slinger on 12/12/2019

These slugs rip out of my impact the side shot that comes with the gun is junk you need to order the original side shot from Utah air guns website so the slugs feed well

Gary Prewitt on 12/9/2019

I had high hopes for these pellets. I bought them for my FX Impact .30 cal with a slug liner. During the tune up process they kept getting jammed in the barrel. I believe it is because of the shorter length. When I shoot the 47.2 grans I have no problem. I am using the original metal side shot magazine as recommended for slugs. On the average I am able to shoot between 7 to 10 slugs before one would get jammed when I attempt to cock the leveler and load the next slug. I would love to be able to use these slugs due to the lighter weight and high BC. Unlike "chudnut" I was only able to get about 860 FPS out of them, which is more than enough. I just can't go out in the field with a slug that might jam when I need it. If you could some how make them a little longer with the same wait they would be perfect.

chudnut on 12/7/2019

I shoot an FX Impact .30 MKII with a slug barrel. Took these to the range today for the fist time to see the FPS compared to the 44.75 JSB's. With wind and light rain I wasn't expecting to do much target shooting, just collecting data. Average FPS of JSB's is 890, these 43.8 slugs averaged 898fps with no power changes. I'm zeroed at 50yds for the JSB's and had to shoot at 100yds because the lanes are covered from the rain. 12moa is the zero for the JSB's at 100yds. After correcting for the right left wind 6-8" I was on target. Strlok Pro said 43.8's should be 7moa to zero, turned out to be 4moa from my 50yd JSB zero. Wind drift decreased from 6-8" to 2-3" at 100yds. Range master thought I was an idiot for shooting a pellet gun in the rain and wind until I showed him my 1" group and my other 3" targets with 2-2 1/2" groups. I've shot other slugs from Nielsen and have had problems with them twisting in the magazine while shooting. These are shorter but have a broader nose and did not give me any problems in my Side Shot metal magazines. They did however twist in the original plastic magazine that came with the gun. This was my first experience with these slugs, I just ordered a bunch more.

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