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35 Cal Airgun Slugs 125 gr

35 Cal Airgun Slugs 125 gr

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125 grain / 35 caliber

Our ammo is only for use in Air GunsOur air gun pellets/slugs are swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting. This is a hollow point nose with a dish base.

Very accurate slug for Slayer 357 or TJ 1:26 twist barrel.  125 grains | .35 caliber precision hunting and target pellet with large hollow point. These are accurate and a great choice for hunting with .35 cal Slayer, Kalibr Cricket, Recluse and other PCP air rifles.  

This pellet is sized .356 - .358 with a flat base.  

Length:  0.559

Slayer and TJ 1:26 barrels use .358 sizing

Recluse use .358

G1 BC: 0.16

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Brian Reiss on 6/4/2023

The base should have choices. The ones I got are flat base purchased fall of '22. In .356 size at 880 FPS, grouped at about 3 inches at 75 yards. A competitor who has identical looking swaged slugs has boat tail, flat, cup and dish base choices. Dish base was less than 2 inch and cup base was all shots touching! Of course, the price was higher for them and I would stick with NSA for swaged regardless. However, there are some excellent cast hollow points that have better terminal ballistic expansion and energy dump without over penetration. put a trash bag of wet clothes that weighs 40 lbs in a rectangular box. shoot at 80 yards and examine the rounds.

Camron Norman on 9/22/2022

This slug carries massive energy to it's target at a variety of distances. Very accurate and very hard hitting out past 100+ yards out of my Benjamin Bulldog, heavily modified by myself.

rodan on 12/21/2021

just order 2 more boxes of 125 gr in 358 size very accurate for my texan ss at 50 yards

Jason on 3/13/2021

First of all everything I buy from you guys has been great but these 125 grain .358 slugs are the most accurate out of my pitbull 1.5" group at 75 yards.

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