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Nielsen Specialty Ammo

Quality Airgun Slugs

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35 Cal Airgun Slugs 142 gr
35 Cal Airgun Slugs 142 gr
35 Cal Airgun Slugs 142 gr
35 Cal Airgun Slugs 142 gr

35 Cal Airgun Slugs 142 gr

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142 grain / 35 caliber

Our ammo is only for use in Air GunsOur air gun pellets/slugs are swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting. This is a hollow point nose with a dish base.

Slugs has been changed to a flat base with similar nose profile.  Testing has shown good accuracy at 100 yards - our normal test distance.

Can be sized  .356, .357 or .358

Slugs per Box: 100

Length is 0.690"

BC: .18 

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Honest John on 5/9/2022

Shouldn't we be reading reviews about the new flat bottom that you are selling now not reviews on the old boat tails

Jim on 5/8/2022

I finally found a slug for my mildly tuned Bulldog. Shot a .45 group at 63 yards, best I have found yet. Will shoot farther later on. They are a good looking bullet, you should try them if you shoot a Bulldog

Mike Dowling on 2/13/2021

These are some of my favorite slugs. I shoot them just over 1000fps at the muzzle out of a re-barreled custom Bulldog. They are very accurate when combined with the TJ 1:26 barrels and higher velocities.

Gene on 1/7/2021

I am super impressed with this slug and the proof is in this video. I shot some 110 grain slugs that came with my rifle and then switched over to the 142 grain from NSA, let me tell you. Even though this ammo is heavier, the trajectory was the same as 110 but hits a lot harder. Amazing groups at 100 yards. I can hardly wait to go hunting with his slug. I’ll post it on my channel. Great job Nelson.

Randall Pevehouse on 12/28/2020

Running these in .357 through a stock Benjamin Bulldog Zeroed at 100 yard.This is the most Accurate and consistent round I have ever fired out of any of my guns. Don’t hesitate to give these a go. You will not be disappointed

Palmer on 7/5/2020

Perfect fit for my Bulldog. I'm getting the best groupings I've ever shot. My new favorite. I'll be ordering more for sure.

James on 2/7/2020

I bought these to use in my bulldog they are good quality very uniform most of my shooting is between 80 and 100 yards with a stock bulldog I was getting 3 very consistent shots with the 4th and 5th falling slightly lower but the first 3 shots were sub 2 inch groups at 100 yards they hit hard no problem taking game

Curt on 1/24/2020

This bullet shoots great in my Bulldog. It is a naildriver, very accurate. I ordered mine in .357 diameter and this has worked well. The length is .707 which fits the Bulldog magazine perfectly. The 178 grain HPBT will be too long for the Bulldog magazine. This bullet will be your most streamlined and efficient long range bullet for the Bulldog. Thank you NSA

Russ on 12/23/2019

So far I have shot these out to about 80 yards with very good accuracy. Yet to take game with them but that is the plan.

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