Danger: This ammo can ONLY be used in AIRGUNS and will NOT work in a firearm, this is projectile only for airguns - not loaded ammunition

20.5 gr HP-DB, 178 Cal

Regular price $ 18.99

20.5 grain, 17 caliber hunting Slugs

This is our newest slugs from our new high speed press.  This is not our original hand made slug and may shoot different than our previous version in your gun.  The new press reduces our labor cost which is now reflected in our retail price.  This is a hollow point nose with a dish base.

Number of slugs per box: 375 / 40 for sample packs

Diameter: .178

Length is .343"

BC: .075

These have been tested in choked LW 17 caliber barrels with good results.

Do not use in .172 barrels 

Sample packs available on a per weight basis and are 40 slugs per pack in 17 caliber



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