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About Us

Nielsen Specialty Ammo was founded by Nick Nielsen, an avid shooter since a young boy. Nick has handed that tradition down to his five boys who also enjoy putting lead down range.  The company was formed to provide the specialty ammo Nick wanted to shoot and thought others would as well, plus he needed a way to pay for his ammo.

Traditional firearms were always in the safe with a pellet gun or two in the mix.  Once Nick found PCP air guns a new revolution was started. Wow, a pellet big enough and sufficient power to take medium game with.  This brought a new dimension to the shooting and the range became an all out spread of weapons and accessories.

Now the shooting tables are filled with not only a few rifles and handguns, but traditional rifles and handguns, PCP pellet rifles, scuba tanks and hoses, chronographs and as many bullet and pellet combinations you can imagine.  I think Mrs. Nielsen is sorry Nick ever found a PCP air rifle, as life has been much different ever since.


The company operates out of Labadie, MO.  This is Nick's full time job and a total commitment to customer service.  This is also the full time job of 3 of Nick's adult children and one daughter-in-law.