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What is the Best Hunting Pellet for PCP Air Rifles

Nielsen Specialty Ammo pellets are the most balanced and hard hitting pellet in the world and the best choice for hunting. Good penetration and excellent expansion because of the use of soft lead.  Hollow point noses available in all calibers giving the target prey no chance with large wound cavity and energy dispersion.  However, in reality, all our soft lead pellets will mushroom nicely and the pellet that lands most accurately in your gun is the right pellet to use.  Round nose pellets are often the most accurate in pellet guns and will mushroom or expand easily.

These hunting pellets are swaged from cold lead giving a consistent weight and shape each time.  The hydraulic press forces a lead core into a die of a given caliber and forms the base and nose while pressing into the die.  This forces all the air out of the lead leaving a dense perfectly formed pellet.  Any excess lead is pushed through bleed holes so the weight of each pellet is very consistent. 

Highly accurate because of the dense perfectly shaped soft lead pellet. Every pellet is the same as the last because of the hydraulic press giving the same pressure and hold dwell time for each pellet.  Consistent pellets means consistent results.

Use these heavy hunting pellets on deer, hogs, coyote, squirrels, raccoon, skunks, opossum, nutria and other small to medium game.  With right caliber and range these hunting pellets can be deadly and effective bringing a whole new sport to the hunting world.

How do I know how heavy of a pellet to use?

The larger the game the heavier the pellet should be.  However that also means the more powerful the pellet gun needs to have.  If we sell a 400 grain pellet you might say that is the best because it is the heaviest pellet for my caliber.  That is true if your gun has the power to push that beast out the barrel at a velocity to get range and consistency.

If you have a chronograph it is a bit easier to determine the best pellets.  For range a pellet that goes from 800-975 FPS will give great results.  For maximum energy I like to be above 600 FPS.  This cuts down on range because of pellet drop but the knockdown power is fantastic.  

Keep in mind that heaver pellets and lighter pellets drop at the same rate.  For example, if you fire a heavier pellet and lighter pellet in level flight they will both stay airborne (just an example for explanation) for two seconds and then hit the ground.  The difference is, the lighter, faster bullet traveled further in those two seconds.  Think back in grade school when you took two balls, one much heavier than the other and dropped them from the same distance.  They both fell at the same rate hitting the ground together even though one was much heavier than the other.  This is because the force pulling them to earth is gravity which is a consistent force.

These pellets were designed to use in PCP air rifles but some of the more powerful spring and CO2 guns will shoot these as well.  Powerful spring pellet guns and CO2 powered guns would want to stay on the lighter end of our pellets.  If you want reliable, repeatable, accurate and pure soft hunting pellets, Nielsen Specialty Ammo has your answer.