Ordering Q/A

Hi.  Thanks for your interest in our hunting and specialty pellets for today's high powered PCP air rifles and pistols.  If you are a new customer to Nielsen Specialty Ammo you probably have a few questions before ordering.  Let us try to answer a few we think you may have but feel free to send us an email if you have any further questions as well.  Our email is sales@nielsenspecialtyammo.com.

Q.  Can I order something not in the drop down menu?

A.  Please do not order something not in the menu and then put a note in you want something else, such as a different sized slug, or a hollow point where you don't see hollow point offered.  If you want something else, please email us first.  We may be able to offer what you need.  The menu system is there to make ordering easy for both of us and so you know what we and do not offer.

Q.  What is the turn around time on pellet orders?

A.  Normal turnaround is 1-2 business days for stock items that are in stock at time of order. If a stock item is out of stock normal turn around is 2-5 days.  If the item is in stock the order will go out if in by 11:00 Pacific Time most of the time.  If the dies are set up for a similar pellet the day you order it your order may get produced the same day and sent out the next day.

Q. Do you do custom orders for non stock weights?

A. No. We no longer offer this service.

Q. Is this a sideline job or a full time commitment?

A.  This is a full time commitment for me.  I do own another company (animal trapping company) which I do spend some time running but the day to day operations are done by my employees and my son.  I own an animal trapping company and our PCP air guns are used every day to put down trapped animals.  These pellets are tested in both targets and actual kill and real world penetration tests.

Q. Where are you located?

A.  We are located in La Verne, CA which is in Los Angeles County - Southern California.

Q.  Will your pellets work in my gun?

A.  We make pellets in different diameters and lengths.  Since the diameter is fixed, if the pellet is heavier it gets longer.  We can customize any caliber we sell to any weight needed for swaged slugs.  As the weight is adjusted so is the length, heavier pellets are longer than lighter pellets. We have many sizers to adjust the diameter of your order if needed.  

Your gun may or may not like certain bullet designs and there is no way for us to know if works in your gun.  However, we do have some known guns listed on some slugs as to guns we know they have or have not worked in which will be a constant update.

Q.  What about shipping?

A.  Shipping is $7 on all orders in the USA no matter how much you buy and shipped USPS flat rate shipping.

International Shipping is offered but will let you know up front it is very expensive.  If someone knows of a cheaper route we are all ears.

Q.  What about returns.

A.  We do not accept returns.  We make bullets/pellets for airguns.  All pellets we sell work well if in the right gun.  We are not familiar with your gun and can not guarantee the design you purchase is the correct one for your gun. You need to know what size and design to order.  

If you have calipers you simply measure a pellet you have that you know works in your gun.  If you do not have access to this you should do a bit of searching online before ordering or email us and we may have the answer for you.  We do not accept returns on pellets purchased, this is custom shop and accepting returns would not make sense for our business model. Email us, we may be able to guide you as well.

Q. What size should I order?

A.  In terms of diameter, you should order the same size pellet/slug/bullet that has worked well for you in the past.  For example is you have a .45 caliber shooting .452 pellets, do not order our .457 slugs for you rifle.  They are both 45 caliber but shoot very different pellets, we have a die for both of these sizes to size down if needed.  If in question, smaller pellets will shoot but they will not have the power and accuracy as a snug fitting pellet.

Q. What is the best weight for my gun?

A.  That is very gun and shooter specific.  I like shooting the heaviest pellet I get good results with.  When we shoot raccoon or skunks that we have trapped we use the heavy soft pellets to make the "lights go out".  I like to shoot the same pellets at the range.  If you are shooting range only I would try a few different weights at a few distances and see what is most accurate and stick with those.  If you are hunting I would do the same but choose pellets on the heavier side.  Even though the heavy pellets will shoot slower they are very accurate and will have more energy down range than the lighter faster pellets.  I do recommend using pellets that travel less than 1000 FPS in your gun and generally 800-975 FPS will give great results.

Q.  Why are these swaged pellets more expensive than the ones I see the big stores selling?

A.  Those are mass produced with machines that put them out by the thousands per hour.  They normally use the diablo style pellet which is accurate for short/medium distance target shooting.  Good for plinking and fooling around with.  When it gets serious, like competition or hunting scenarios, that is where we come in. Our swaged pellets are designed for longer range with pellet weight to provide good energy down range.

These are swaged pellets that are put into a hydraulic press one by one.  It is a slow process that has limited production per day and a substantial investment into the hydraulic press, multiple dies (even more than one per caliber), multiple punches for each caliber, core molds for each caliber, lead wire for each caliber, multiple sizing dies for each caliber, melting pots and lead for stock.  Not to mention all the testing on these pellets (OK that one I will give you, it is what I enjoy).