257 Cal Airgun Slugs 65 gr

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65.0 grain / .257 caliber -NSA 

Our ammo is only for use in Air GunsOur air gun pellets/slugs are swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting. This is a hollow point nose with a dish base.

Offered in multiple types of packaging.  Please select which is best for you from drop down menu under the pricing.  See below for explanation of packaging details.  Hollow point flat base slug.

Number of slugs per box: 125 

Number of slugs per Eco Bag no box: 60  

Length is 0.546"


Eco Bag Option:

This is a bagged only - NO box option and replaces sample packs.  This is less expensive for us to produce and less expensive to buy than the boxed version.  We will wrap these bags in foam or other protection for shipping but no retail box will be included. 

They will be bagged in a non-reusable bag and will need a container like an old tin or other box once the bag is opened.   Recommended for first time trial of a particular slug.