22 Cal Airgun Pellets 17.5 gr

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17.5 grain / .22 caliber -NSA

Only for use in Air Guns / Danger: Do not use in a firearm. Our air gun pellets are swaged from soft alloy to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting. 

This is a hollow point nose with a dish base.

Numbe per box: 400  

Number per Eco Bag no box: 200  

Length is .234"

BC: .075

Eco Bag Option:

This is a bagged only - NO box option and replaces sample packs.  We will wrap these bags in foam or other protection for shipping but no retail box will be included. 

They will be bagged in a non-reusable bag and will need a container like an old tin or other box once the bag is opened.   Recommended for first time testing.

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