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Airforce Texan .457 Airgun Ammo

Best Texan 457 Big Bore Ammunition

The Airforce Texan 457 is one of the most powerful airguns on the market.  The Texan power plant launches 45 caliber slugs at up to 500 foot pounds in stock form.


Airforce Texan 45 Caliber


Airforce is a leader in producing affordable, powerful and accurate airguns in both small bore and big bore alike.  The 45 caliber Texan with the 20 twist barrel is designed to shoot heavy bullets like our 372 grain airgun slug.  This is a serious slug for large game and massive foot pounds of energy.


Check out our recommended slug for this rilfe.

Our number 1 and best shooting slug in the Texan made for a 1:20 twist

372 Grain, High FPE Slug