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Credit Card Declined

If your credit card transaction is not going through it is most likely because you are shipping to an address that is not the address your credit card has on file as your billing address.

Because of so much fraud from stolen credit cards our credit card processor only approves transactions if the shipping address matches what your credit card has as your billing address.  If it does not match it will decline the transaction.

Hold on your account?

If you show the money was taken from your account but the transaction was declined on our end it is because your credit card company has put a hold on the money.  They will release the hold when they realize the transaction was not approved on our end.  We have no control over this and is based on the policy of your credit card company.

How fix it?

Two ways.

Either ship to the billing address the credit card has on file, or, use Paypal to process the order.  Paypal is much more lenient about the address issue.