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NSA Dealers

NSA Dealers

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Nielsen Specialty Ammo is pleased to partner with great dealers around the world.  The end of 2018 is the start of us rolling out dealers to offer our high quality slugs.  We will add dealers as we bring them on.

 USA Dealers

Utah Airguns

Utah Airguns


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Airguns of Arizona

Airguns of Arizona


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Alamo Airguns 



International Dealers

Any country outside the USA with a dealer in their country must purchase all ammo from that dealer.  This is our dealer agreement with the importer and we can not make exceptions.







 South Africa

Blades and Triggers




Krale Schietsport


Eräliike Riistamaa Oy



 MPLA Airguns, Inc.







Saudi Arabia

Alganas International Group Dammam-Saudi Arabia