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Nielsen Specialty Ammo manufactures top quality pellets for rat sniper hunting or precision target shooting.  Unlike cast bullets these high quality air rifle pellets are swaged giving a perfect round sphere for each projectile.  Highly accurate with unique design made and tested for today's high powered PCP air rifles.

Our highly precise machine can make custom weights by adjusting the pressure to make the pellet longer or shorter which will adjust the grains (weight).  We offer many weight options for each caliber of pellet including 22, 25, 30, 357, 9mm, 45 and 50 cal.

Our unique rebated boat tail base is offered in all calibers.  These special bases give a better long distance pellet because the this special boat tail reduces drag on the pellet.  This offers longer distance shooting with less pellet drop.  No other pellet offers the rebated boat tail or the variations in weight and size options as the Nielsen Specialty Ammo pellets.

We sell hollow point bullets both swage and cast.  We compete with Air Venturi, Mr Hollow Point, Aeromagnum, Hunters Supply, High Arc Hunter and all the airgun bullet makers.  Our airgun pellets are high quality and fairly priced.

Check out the vast array of caliber and weight options we offer.  Normal turn around on orders is 1-5 business days with 1-2 business day turn around average.  Some popular pellets are stocked and will ship same day on orders in by 11:00 am pacific.  All orders shipped USPS.  

Any questions please email us at