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Swaged Pellets for Air Rifles

Swaged Pellets

Swaged pellets are nicely formed and accurate ammunition for high powered PCP air rifles and pellet guns. These pellets, often referred to as bullets or slugs, are formed in a swaging machine.  Using cold lead, a core is placed into the die and pressed from top and bottom to form it into a pellet.

These pellets are uniform and close weights are achieved by this process. Swaged pellets can have almost any shape or weight with the simply adjusting the machine or changing punches.

Air Rifle Slugs

Air rifle slugs for today's powerful pellet guns are nearly as heavy as powder burning rifles.  In some cases the same bullet can be used in both an airgun or traditional rifle. Pellet slugs can come in many shapes and weights including traditional diabolo pellet shape or that of a rifle bullet.

Air Rifle Bullets

Air rifle bullets in many cases do not differ from traditional rifles of the same caliber.  However, this can change because the velocity of air rifles is much lower than a rifle that uses gun powder.  These guns may fire the same round, but the airgun will fire it much slower and therefore have less range.

Swaging Slugs and Bullets

The swaging process has an advantage over casting because you can change the weight and shape where as with cast you are restricted to the mold.  Swaging will also give a slightly more consistent weight and slight changes can be made to have a bullet or slug work in a particular rifle.

More information can be found about swaging and casting on our site.