What is the best slug to buy for my air rifle?

Selecting the right ammo for your Air Rifle.

What is the best bullet for my air rifle?  I own a Bulldog, Texan, Slayer, Cricket, Marauder, Kral or other airgun and want to know what slug shoots best out of it.  This is a always being updated page as we collect new info about air rifles and ammo combinations.

If you have shot Nielsen Specialty Ammo in any gun and have information to share please email us so we can consider it for our page.  Our email is nielsenspecialtyammo@yahoo.com

American Air Arms

308 Slayer

The Slayer is the most advanced air rifle on the market today offering light weight, durability and high craftsmanship in a super accurate package.  Ammo recommended for the 308 rifle:

99 grain swage HP has unreal accuracy and a HUGE hollow point to open up on game.


357 Slayer ( make sure to order .358 for Slayer )

Same as the 308 but in a larger more powerful package.  Ammo recommended for the 357 (.358) rifle:

120 grain swage HP is just incredible in the Slayer.  No bullet can match it and is a hollow point made with super accurate swage press.

140 grain swage HP is also very very accurate but will shoot a bit slower.

105 grain swage HP is a light weight super fast bullet for the Slayer.

95 grain swage HP is a super light weight bullet for the Slayer.


Evol - no slugs available at this time we recommend


 Airforce Airguns

 Texan 45 - Select .457 size

290 grain HP is the most accurate bullet for 45 Texan

279 grain HP is very close to 290 grain and is very accurate

372 grain cast is accurate but shoots slow, Major FPE!

220 grain HP is very close to the 290 or 279 and shoots fast

265 grain HP is accurate but not as accurate as 290 and 279

168 grain EPP is a great plinking round out 100 yards

196 grain HP is a super light HP with good reports - better for close range shooting


Texan 357

180 grain spire point sized .356 is the slug that shoots good in this gun at this time


Texan 308

Do not recommend any slug for this gun at this time


Condor / Talon .25

39 grain HP swage slug is accurate any weight heavier depending on the power of your gun.  Some people like the 34.7 grain slug but I find the little heavier are more accurate - every gun is different as are the shooters.


Sam Yang

Dragon Claw 50 Caliber

The EPP is a great round with the right weight to shoot at 209 grains.

Light Hunter 909 45 caliber

The EPP is always a great choice for this gun at 168 grains and is an inexpensive round to shoot.

Swaged 196 grain are a good hollow point with reported good accuracy in the gun


Recluse 35 Caliber

Recommend the .358 95 grain slug, good weight and accuracy

 EPP at 79 grains is also a good round for this gun and is inexpensive

The 105 grain swage slug also shoots well out of the Recluse



.22 Caliber - we tried slugs with no success, .223 was best of what we tried