265 gr HP-FB, 45 Cal

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One of the most accurate slugs for Airforce Texan.  265 grains | .45 caliber precision hunting and target pellet with large hollow point. These are accurate and a great choice for hunting with .45 cal Texan PCP air rifles.  Swaged from soft lead to give excellent expansion for effective and responsible hunting.  This pellet is sized .452 - .458 with a 2S hollow point nose and flat base.  

The 265 grain has been tested in the Airforce Texan with VERY good results.

Picture showing expansion was from a 281 grain slug shot into water jugs at 40 yards.  Bullet shows good expansion.  Testing and photo provided by Randbo from GTA forum.

Length: 0.711" / 18.05mm

 BC: 0.190