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36 Grain Hollow Point Huben Pellets | .223 Caliber Air Gun Slug | Swaged

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36 grain, 22 caliber hunting Slugs for Huben


This slug was designed by Nick Nielsen specific to the Huben air rifle.  It is made to chamber in the auto magazine and seat nicely into the 19 round magazine.  We have shot these slugs with good accuracy out to 200 yards.

Our best groups were about 1 inch at 100 yards and ragged hole at 50 yards.  Out to 200 yards we were shooting steel and could easily hit our targets with confidence.

One thing we have learned with this gun is you need to play with the pressures and really tune the gun for the specific bullet you want to shoot.  With the right settings this bullet and gun combo is awesome.


Do not use this in FX barrels they are the wrong size.  FX needs .217 or .218


Length is .388

BC .120

Diameter available in this slug: .223


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